The social media engagement platform HootSuite has added five new apps to its directory, giving users creative freedom with the content they publish.

HootSuite has gone through a variety of updates and additions over the past few months. Recently, they introduced a new Social Activity Monitoring Command Center and integrated with Compendium to improve content marketing.

Improving the App Directory, One Step at a Time

While the App Directory is only a year old, HootSuite is determined to ensure that users get the most of experience. In October, they added five new social platforms, in addition to the previously mentioned five new apps -- which are part of this week's App 10 Wave release. These newly released apps are, Vimeo,, Reach and Scripted.

HootSuite found that its directory was lacking in the creative and promotional departments. Since over 500 million of its users are professional artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers it wanted to make sure that all of its clients had the tools needed to properly engage with fans and followers:

At HootSuite, we hold content creators dear to our hearts, so we’re thrilled to be able to bring tools like Vimeo and, staples of the creative community, into our App Directory. Social media and content creation -- whether they be videos, photos or text -- go hand-in-hand so adding these five great tools was a very natural progression for us,” says HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. “By integrating these platforms into our App Directory, we've facilitated content sharing through social channels while broadening the appeal and value of HootSuite’s dashboard for a large segment of our user base.”

The Apps

The five apps are divided into the following categories: Publish and Share Content, which includes Wordpress, Vimeo and Via.Me, while Reachli and Scripted fall under Business Content Promotion and Service.

  • Vimeo: The video sharing website allows HootSuite users to not only search for and view videos within the platform, but upload and share them through social networks.
  • WordPress: The blogging tool allows users to monitor, share and edit their website from the HootSuite platform.
  • Via.Me: As a content sharing tool, users can share stories, pictures, video and text through their account while using HootSuite.
  • Reachli: Reachli is a group of digital marketing tools that help people market products and services by creating and monitoring the progress of and promoting campaigns via Pinterest.
  • Scripted: For those interested in content marketing, Scripted is a content provider that, when combined with HootSuite, helps users automate content reuse throughout social media channels.


The new app collection is available to all of HootSuite's clients, no matter what plan they choose. In total, the app directory has 41 apps, which also includes Reddit, SocialFlow, Youtube, MailChimp and Tumblr.