A new tool from HootSuite allows users to take control of their company’s social activity through a multi-platform Command Center. This Command Center aims to keep social activity organized and centralized and thus, more easily managed.

One Stop Command Center

In its four year history, HootSuite has become a notable force in helping assist other companies by improving their social media management. With the motto of “Command. Control. Connect.” HootSuite’s Command Center allows users to have a central management system or hub for monitoring social activity, while also having the ability to keep track of real-time analytics and live data fields. These tools allow a company to be more connected and social activity to be more beneficial to a business’ success.

As a whole, your company will be able to expand on both a internal and social basis. The Command Center allows you and your management team to see KPI’s in real time, which allows a quicker reaction time. In addition, you’ll be able to see how social media, sales and other important digital marketing tools can be beneficial to customers and see quickly see the impact they are making.

In having this access to information in a real-time capacity, companies will be able to keep potential and current customers engaged and connect with them no matter where you are or when it is.

All the features that make the HootSuite dashboard an invaluable tool for businesses will now be given a throne in the hearts of these same companies; a hub where every social interaction can be seen, studied and spread,” say Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “HootSuite continues to develop and acquire tools to support the growing needs of today’s social businesses who take advantage of the opportunities for return of investment through proper engagement with social.”

The Command Center is made up of three different sections: Listen and Monitor, Publish and Engage, and Analyse and Measure. In turn, this information can be spread across televisions, laptop screens and mobile devices.

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What’s in a Command Center

Besides being a central hub for monitoring social media activity, the Command Center offers a variety of other useful tools, including:

• Training for company employees
• Community Engagement
• Market Research

Beyond the Company

Not only does Command Center benefit companies, but agencies with clients as well. Through the Command. Control. Connect. motto and Listen and Monitor, Publish and Engage, and Analyse and Measure theme, HootSuite offers agencies a way to make not themselves, but their clients more socially visible and viable.

Some of the Command Center’s benefits for agencies are as follows:

• Tools can be used to engage new and potential clients.
• A collection of strategy, design and setup services for the command centre.
• Increased social media reach for clients.
• Manage all clients social activities through the Command Center hub.

Command Center is available through the HootSuite website for enterprise customers.