Enterprise social media management technology provider HootSuite is launching HootSuite Promoted Products Integration for Twitter. Currently available in limited beta for enterprise customers, the integration lets HootSuite users directly create and manage Twitter advertising campaigns from their HootSuite dashboards.


Tools on the HootSuite dashboard enable users to perform real-time creation and optimization of paid Twitter advertising campaigns. In addition, role-based permissions allow HootSuite users to collaborate with outside partners such as ad agencies from their dashboards and authorizations allow select personnel to amplify Twitter ads in response to real-time fluctuations in Twitter activity. The integration also provides analytical capabilities built into the dashboard.

According to VentureBeat, it is "important" that the upgraded HootSuite dashboard "defines roles and permissions, ad agencies, content producers and executives can collaborate in using new paid features" as companies can quickly spend a very significant amount of money on Twitter campaigns. VentureBeat says promoted trends can cost tens of thousands of dollars per day, while promoted accounts and promoted tweets are charged on a cost-per-action basis.

HootSuite is an initial ads API partner of Twitter and is setting up the new advertising accounts via the recently released Twitter advertising API, which as Venture Beat notes "ensures that the advertising companies are Twitter's customers, not HootSuite's."

HootSuite Lands Another Social Media 'Big Boy'

HootSuite's Twitter integration follows a similar marketing/advertising integration with Facebook that the company launched in November 2012. As a result, enterprise clients can individually target Facebook users by demographic criteria including age, gender and interests. In addition, enterprise users can use geofencing to limit the target audience of posts and messages by language and location of the recipients.

Also from the HootSuite dashboard, all users can respond to and track private messages sent to Facebook pages, search Facebook, monitor real-time Facebook likes and comments and create Facebook event streams.

Furthermore, HootSuite released five new Facebook analytics modules that enable research activities such as tracking reach, monitoring relevant conversations by location and demographic, and performing comparative analysis of Facebook fans and commenters against those of selected competitors.

HootSuite clearly seeks to extend the value of its product offerings by connecting them directly to the "big boys" of social media and social business, and then trying to make those connections as useful and far-reaching as possible. For example, HootSuite included full access to Google+ Pages in July. As a result of this expanded integration, all paid and free HootSuite users can manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels. All HootSuite users have access to Google+ Pages functionality in the HootSuite dashboard.

HootSuite Adds 4 New Apps to Directory

In other HootSuite news, the vendor is adding four new applications to its App Directory, the Blogger blog publishing platform, Batchbook social CRM tool, Appboy mobile customer engagement platform and StoreYa Facebook commerce platform. HootSuite now offers 49 apps in the directory and plans a "major expansion" this year.