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Another day, another bunch of stories about successful hacks of companies’ websites, Twitter accounts or internal systems. To bolster defenses on the social media front, social media management vendor HootSuite has announced its Security Services suite of tools, training and services. 

The company said the customizable Services are designed to secure assets, educate teams and assist companies in the event of an attack.

Social Media Asset Audit

The Vancouver, Canada-based HootSuite provides a social media management platform to help businesses run campaigns across multiple social networks. Features include message scheduling, geo-targeting, bulk messaging, real-time search, custom reports, drag-and-drop modules, automated sharing, limited permissions, secure profiles and reporting.

Its platform also accepts apps for specific add-on functions, such as one optimized for delivering promotional offers. Another of those apps is from Evernote, the note-taking service, and it allows users to readily create notes from social media content. Interestingly, Evernote announced this week it is implementing optional two-factor authentication and other security features. In March, a coordinated attack on its service resulted in hackers’ accessing usernames, passwords and email addresses.

HootSuite's new security services will assess, and take steps to safeguard a company’s social accounts against threats both internal and external. This includes a Social Asset Audit, such as determining if and when a company’s social outlets should be migrated to HootSuite’s environment for additional security. The Audit also includes setting up a cascading permissions structure for internal governance and workflows, as well as establishing secure management of Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels through an internal control process.

Alerts, Simulated Crises

HootSuite will also provide Twitter Security Alerts, which are issued automatically when unauthorized Twitter activity is detected. The alerts include ID of approved sources for posting, such as the HootSuite Dashboard, notifications of tweets sent from non-HootSuite secured accounts and an emergency escalation plan.

The Crisis Training and Simulation service provides social media security experts to help determine the scope of any social media crises, develop a custom response plan, train internal teams on identification and response techniques, and, to test that all systems are working, conduct a simulated crisis in a controlled environment.

Most appropriately for a vendor that provides a social media monitoring platform, HootSuite’s services also include monitoring social channels for any fallout from such a breach, as well as providing guidance on how to respond to social chatter.