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Hootsuite is on a roll. This month alone, they’ve integrated with Google+ and added auto schedule functionality to their Hootlet app. Today, they continue by introducing centralized access authentication.

A Single Sign-On for the Enterprise 

HootSuite Enterprise has extended its member authentication to support Enterprise Single Sign-On. Enterprise team members can now use their company email to access their HootSuite Dashboard. As a result, any corporate network that supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) can extend user authentication for corporate accounts in the HootSuite Dashboard.

If you’re a network admin, you can manage access to HootSuite through your employee directory, which adds a greater layer of security and control to enterprise social media marketing. Once an employee leaves the enterprise network and their company account is deactivated, their HootSuite account will also be deactivated, making it easier for admins to keep track of all active accounts. As well, Enterprise SSO will also reduce the number of passwords in your network, decreasing risk of data breaches.

To use Enterprise SSO:

  • Go to Hootsuite.com and click the login button in the top right corner.
  • Select the “Single Sign-On user? Login here” option.Enter your HootSuite username (email address) and click “Single Sign-On”.
  • If you are already logged in according to the SAML identity provider, you will be logged in automatically to HootSuite.
  • If not already logged in, you will be redirected to a 3rd-party authentication server.
  • Enter credentials for the SAML identity provider (the corporate network).
  • You will be logged in to HootSuite and redirected to the HootSuite dashboard.

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Will this new feature make social media a more viable option for your company? For community managers, it provides the ability to track and manage new users, and their access to the appropriate social networks.