Marketing software company HubSpot has announced that it has acquired web notification add-on Chime and briefing tool PrepWork.

HubSpot Beefs Up Functionality

Digital marketing can sometimes be hard to do, but a complete and diverse collection of tools can help with any problems a marketer may have by making a company more engaging, insightful and socially savvy. As a digital marketing company, HubSpot aims to improve the system a bit more with PrepWork ad Chime, two start-up companies.

In a blog post announcement which was made by Hannah Fleishman, who is part of HubSpot’s Brand and Buzz team, she says that the HubSpot was looking to improve company growth with solutions, like Chime and Prepwork that could help the company “continue to transform the marketing landscape."

Chime is a Chrome plug-in that collects notifications from a variety of social channels including Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and regulates them into a stream of social updates. On the other hand, PrepWork is an email briefing service that works with a user's calendar to remind them of an event or meeting.


An example of the Chime tool

While specific uses for these technologies and financial details of the acquisition haven’t been stated, the blog post did state that the products will add to the customer experience.

Both Chime and PrepWork deliver innovative solutions that give their users real-time information and context around their interactions," said a quote from Brad Coffey, HubSpot’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Corporate Development. “And we believe the know-how, approach and technology the Chime and PrepWork teams bring to HubSpot will enable our customers to deliver even more personalized and lovable marketing to their target audience.”

Fleishman says that other companies might be added to the HubSpot framework in the coming months, as they are currently looking for solutions that fit the company's current mandate.

“All in One Marketing”

As a self proclaimed, all in one marketing solution, HubSpot has a variety of software products designed to make the digital marketing process efficient and manageable, a method that appears to work well for those who need the technology.

I believe that helps small business owners focus their Internet marketing energy and time for the best business ROI without help from an Internet marketing agency or consultant,” said Ogy Nikolic.

Some of the Hubspot tools include calls-to-action, lead management, social media, blogging software, analytics and Marketing Grader, a report tool that determines how efficient a website is doing in the marketing field compared to other companies. More recently, the company received a US$ 35 million investment, launched HubSpot 3 and partnered with Ektron to develop an end-to-end customer experience solution.