Marketing automation start up HubSpot won US $35 million in its latest round of funding, and the company is growing fast as it looks to build on its 8,000 customers worldwide.

HubSpot already cracked the top 20 in last year's Forbes' most promising companies list. In August, HubSpot 3 debuted, and with the most recent funding, the company is looking to expand having already hired former IBM executive JD Sherman as CFO.

Don't Kill the Messenger

HubSpot's ethos is to make marketing people don't hate. Actually, the company simply wants to solve marketing problems that keep coming up as the digital world rockets ever forward. As email and Web marketing gets tougher due to things like Ad Block and priority inboxes, how do companies reach their potential customers? HubSpot is betting on content marketing and personalized experiences.

That means connecting business systems that work together seamlessly. This is especially true for small and mid-sized businesses who mostly don't have legacy software running their CRMs, for example. 


Personalized calls to action ensure the HubSpot system help make visitors' experiences more compelling.

HubSpot 3

This is an all in one solution for marketers. It connects to customer databases already in place, and can help build landing pages and produce analytics as well as pull in social contacts among other things. There's even an iOS mobile app for viewing leads and managing accounts from an iPhone or iPad.

With a fresh pot of cash on hand, HubSpot is now working on going public. The company wants to keep growing fast and be a truly scalable approach to marketing. The company has already teamed up with web content management provider Ektron to allow Ektron's customers a tightly integrated marketing automation solution. And, of course, it drops HupSpot squarely into the enterprise arena.

Additionally, HubSpot teamed up with Hootsuite over the summer on a new app for listening to relevant social conversations. HubSpot on Hootsuite can track keywords and help monitor prospective leads. It's even available for a free 30 day trial. 

As for HubSpot 3, the pricing starts out at US $200 per month up to US $1,000 for the enterprise version. This is the base cost, and the additional price depends on how many contacts a company already has via email and its website. Contact pricing is US $100 per 1000 up to 7,000 contacts. Companies with 20,000 contacts get pricing at the US $40 per 1,000 contacts price.