Social media management systems vendor HootSuite is partnering with marketing software platform provider HubSpot to connect social media to generating, managing and nurturing leads. The partnership will include an app integration in HootSuite’s App Directory, as well as educational content.

Pulling Leads into Social Media

The app integration, currently in beta, pulls HubSpot lead and keyword marketing data into HootSuite, allowing HootSuite users to obtain access to leads and those mentioning top-performing keywords without leaving the HootSuite dashboard.

According to HootSuite, this integration “closes the loop” on social media and inbound marketing. The partnership also includes two ebook how-to guides on social media monitoring and lead generation, a social media monitoring video presentation, and a HootSuite University lecture series presentation

HootSuite Takes Team Approach

Since late last year, HootSuite has taken the team approach to social media management, joining forces with a number of other vendors in different IT and business niches to bring a wider variety of data and content into the social monitoring workstream.

In November 2011, HootSuite launched its app directory to serve as a platform and discovery method for third-party developers who have built services that leverage HootSuite in some way. At launch, the App Directory included social media services such as YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and Get Satisfaction applications. In February 2012, HootSuite added Digg, TrendSpottr and InboxQ to the App Directory.

In March 2012, HootSuite partnered with Adobe to integrate that vendor’s Digital Marketing Suite for more measurable ROI on social strategies. The integration was designed to provide HootSuite users more detailed levels of information on social engagement ROI, covering conversion rates, which employees or accounts generate most revenue and what time to post social messages to achieve best response rates.

The following month, HootSuite rolled out integrations with the MailChimp email campaign management tool, Chime.in social branding app and an RSS reader. And last month, HootSuite added internal functionality to make linking to outside applications easier. The HootSuite Teams tool is designed to help businesses manage their social identity more effectively across multiple networks.

All of HootSuite’s efforts to link its platform to other marketing and social media tools reflects just how prevalent social media has become as a marketing and branding tool.

Offering a uniquely personalized way to view, track and interact with individual consumers on a global scale, social media has grown to the point where many businesses have marketing employees who spend most or all of their time working in the social media space. These professionals need a quick and easy way to connect social media to other marketing activities, and HootSuite appears ready to offer it to them.