With social measurement companies swarming the trees, HootSuite tries to keep its perch by partnering with Adobe to integrate Digital Marketing Suite for more measurable ROI on those social strategies.

Partnering for Better ROI

Adobe is a big name by any web or tech standard, while HootSuite is one of many social media measuring companies, from Klout to Sprout, and all the other players in a burgeoning market of activity and noise. By linking its own Enterprise product to Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite, HootSuite gains a lot of visibility and potential clients and improves your SEO and SEM.

HootSuite's Enterprise product is a social media management system for businesses to manage, measure and collaborate across multiple social networks from a dashboard. Adobe's Digital Marketing Suite offers web analytic and site optimization products to generate insights into the performance of online marketing initiatives. By integrating with Adobe's Genesis and SiteCatalyst products, HootSuite can help marketers better track the return on their social media investments.

By linking social media engagement with website conversions and statistics, HootSuite can quickly produce the ROI numbers and show the value of campaigns which are working, and point out ones that need more work across sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. 

The Advantage of Adobe Power

Integration with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite is now available to HootSuite’s Enterprise customers worldwide, giving more detailed levels of information on social engagement ROI, covering conversion rates, which employees or accounts generate most revenue, what time should we post social messages to achieve best RIO and so on.

Also, the Adobe SiteCatalyst integration provides HootSuite Enterprise clients with access to granular metrics on the efficacy of social media programs, which for the first time connects their social tactics directly with revenue generation. Marketers and content owners can analyze conversion rates to discover strengths and weaknesses in their messaging and make informed decisions on how best to optimize their social strategy and team structure.

While there is so much frenetic activity in the social measurement space, partnering with big names is certainly one way to go about improving your product and brand awareness.