Hootsuite, the social media dashboard used by so many small businesses, non-profits and brands, has added five new apps that are aimed directly at the enterprise.



MailChimp is an email campaign management tool, and by integrating it with Hootsuite, sharing campaigns, searching for recent campaigns and viewing campaign results can all be done from from the social media client.

To add MailChimp to Hootsuite, just add a stream, click on apps and then install MailChimp. It's a free app, and once Hootsuite installs MailChimp, click the icon to connect to your account.


MailChimp for Hootsuite makes it easy to quickly share email marketing tips and findings.


Chime.in is a more recent addition to the social media space, but it's a good way for brands to create an organic community around one of their products. The Chime.in Hootsuite app can preview images, create and see comments and send chimes.


The Chime.in app makes it easy for brands to stay connected to their customers and track conversations and comments.

RSS Reader

Using the RSS Reader app is a simple way to monitor websites and share relevant content as soon as it goes up. An easy way to boost productivity, this app could be downright addicting. With a Hootsuite Pro or Hootsuite Enterprise account, an unlimited number of apps can be added. That means every website that needs to be tracked can be handled right from Hootsuite.

For larger companies with dozens of websites to track, try grouping websites together on Hootsuite and then assigning each group to different team members.


Adding the RSS Reader app makes it easy to track websites without having to click out of Hootsuite at all.

Hootsuite Still Growing

Hootsuite has been pretty steady with new system updates. In summer 2011, Hootsuite added a calender view and limited permissions for contractors and new hires. In February 2012, new apps were added for Digg, TrendSpotter and InboxQ. Now, Hootsuite has also added support for Identi.ca and Vision Critical Surveys with the latest update. Share and track survey results for Vision Critical Surveys, and post status updates and track replies for Identi.ca accounts.  


Hootsuite's Pro account is only US$ 6 dollars per month, and because there's no limit for the number of apps that can be added, it's a handy space for monitoring and publishing multiple websites all at once. Furthermore, Hootsuite still offers a free version, unlike CoTweet, another popular brand-friendly social media manager.