IAB IHS Report: Global Mobile Ad Revenue
Mobile isn’t just becoming the preferred computing device for many people, the field is becoming a good source of revenue for advertisers, according to a new report from IAB and IHS.

Keeping in mind that global mobile revenue increased from US$ 4.8 billion to US$ 8.9 billion from 2011 to 2012, the report, “Global Mobile Advertising Revenue," outlines global mobile advertising trends from the past two years. The report is broken down into three different advertising areas: display, search and messaging.

A Piece of the Revenue Pie

Despite all of the mentioned areas having an impact on the consumer, the amount of revenue they bring in isn't the same. Over the two year period, the only area that didn't experience some amount of improvement was messaging, as it decreased 2.6 percent from 2011 to 2012. Search increased by 1.7 percent and display by 0.9 percent.

Search and display also outperformed messaging in other areas. In total mobile ad growth, display and search were almost tied at 87.3 and 88.8 percent respectively, while messaging's total growth was about half of that.

Mobile Ad Growth by Format

A Look at the World

According to the report, the top three locations for mobile ad growth in 2011 and 2012 were the Asia-Pacific, North America and Western Europe. In 2011, the Asia Pacific received US$ 2.2 billion in revenue from mobile ads which raised to US$ 3.5 billion in 2012. 

When broken down into the individual categories this Asia-Pacific lead varies. In the search category, North America moved ahead of the Asia-Pacific ending 2012 with US$ 1.9 billion in total revenue. Despite this change, the Asia-Pacific area did maintain its lead in the display category with US$ 1.7 billion in revenue during 2012. North America came in second and Western Europe was in third. 

Since messaged ads aren't as popular with consumers, the gaps between each of the continents was less pronounced. North America took the lead again in 2012 with US$ 4 billion in revenue, while the Asia-Pacific came in second.

Latin America is Making Strides

The report also noted that Latin America, despite being one of the lower performing markets, had some of the most impressive growth in 2012. Display ads grew 226.4 percent, which was well ahead of North America. In the search category Latin America's growth was at 242.4 percent.

In the messaging area, the Asia-Pacific took the lead with 57.2 percent in growth, while Latin-America came in at fourth place with 37.9 percent.

As mobile technology changes, these devices become more accessible and are more widely used, these mobile advertising trends promise to continue.