Influencer Marketing Campaigns Done Right

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These organizations are finding their “Bob” in their influencer marketing campaigns. 

You remember Bob, right? Our fictitious influencer marketer’s dream connection? He’s plugged in and getting your brand out there through him is optimal.

And the Winners Are…

We’ve come across a lot of “Bob-finders” in the industry in the form of the Raynforest 2013 Top 10 Influencer Marketing Awards, which cite the most creative and effective influencer marketing campaigns in the past year.

“The winning influencer marketing campaigns are all creative, results-driven examples of how brands can successfully adapt to the new marketing landscape by engaging targeted social influencers and motivating them to share their genuine experiences with your product or brand across social media channels,” Mark Fidelman, CEO of Raynforest, told CMSWire, a sponsor of the awards.

Let’s take a peek at the winners, selected by a panel of judges with input from the public:

No. 1 fan and judge’s pick: Why Should Cookies Have All The Fun? by Collective Bias for Tyson Nuggets. Tyson wanted to sell more chicken nuggets during the holiday season, so Collective Bias brought families into stores for nugget-decorating, now apparently a holiday pastime. How did they get the message out there?

Influential shoppers were encouraged to share their creations on blogs and social networks to drive additional in store demos. Tyson's goal -- sell the surplus product over an eight-week period and exceed 2.6 million social impressions. They got 8.8 million and met their sales goal in half the time they expected (four weeks). 

Style Spotters by Emisare Inc. for High Point Market. High Point Market and Emisare went after design bloggers to help promote and attract attendees to the furniture industry’s largest and most important event. Bloggers attended the event, chose their favorite furnishings, shared them via their social channels and asked their audience to vote for their favorites. 

"This demonstrates that dialogues within communities create an energy that just can't be obtained by broadcasting monologues," Fidelman told CMSWire.

Bing Summer of Doing by Bing. In a 56-day period, Bing encouraged influencers to search something quirky and new and those who searched for that day’s word were entered to win prizes that brought that search term to life. The result: more than 19,995 shares, 8,600 comments and 423,600 likes.

The Warner Sound Captured by Nikon at SXSW 2013 by MMW. During the 2013 SXSW Interactive Film and Music Festival, attendees were armed with Nikon cameras to capture live performances sponsored by the Warner Music Group. The videos ended up live-streamed online using hashtags and Facebook updates. More than 500,000 people watched the live stream.

Innovating for the Connected Home, Living Room and TV by MWW for Verizon FiOS. Throughout home innovation meet-ups between social networking groups and industry leaders, Verizon FiOS expanded its database to more than 1,000 members of the innovation and technology communities, with more than 20 potential partners and more than 400 attendees.  

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People StyleWatch Style Hunters Program by BRANDERATI. A thousand StyleWatch loyalists were invited to join the Style Hunters network. What did they get? Exclusive content, fashion insight and product offers. These brand ambassadors consistently share the content with their networks, with campaigns averaging an exposure rate in the seven figures.  

Learning Opportunities

"StyleWatch by Branderati is a great example of taking your existing relationships to the next level by rewarding top brand fans to make a measureable impact," Fidelman told CMSWire. "Done correctly, the fans who love your brand become mini-celebrities in their own right and can move the sales needle."

#WeekwithILX -- Acura ILX Influencer Campaign by Brand Influencers. Influencers, during a test week with the new Acura ILX, blogged, tweeted and filmed their experience, sharing it across their social channels. 

"Brand Influencers’ #WeekwithILX campaign demonstrates the pivotal role that social data plays in the campaign design," Fidelman said. "The team identified trending influencers within each of Acura's consumer segments, and based on an analysis of social data, worked with those influencers to create experiences that they were confident would excite each influencer's audiences, based on what was proving to influence their behavior."

Judges’ Pick, Most Creative:British Airways, Influencer Innovation Lab in the Sky by Text100. British Airways took in Silicon Valley hotshots on a flight from San Francisco to London. During the flight, they talked about the misalignment between where technology talent is emerging and where opportunities exist. After, the influencers presented solutions and ideas to the United Nations ITU Committee at the DNA Summit in London.

TNT’s "Dallas" VIP Visit by SocialChorus. To gear up for the new season of the show, influencers were invited to join the Dallas Roundup Network, in which they were provided exclusive content and pre-season screeners of the show, "Dallas." It included a caption contest and custom Dallas gifts. The top three influencers that drove the most social actions earned a VIP trip to Southfork Texas to meet the cast of Season 2.

Sprout it Backyard Takeover by Geben Communication. This startup gardening app launched its new iPad app with a contest aimed at influential gardeners. Fans had the chance to win a backyard makeover by sharing a photo of their backyard tagged with the #GrowInspired hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Influential home and garden bloggers were engaged, and the campaign saw a reach of 313,500 on Facebook and 60,000 on Twitter.

Capitalizing on Influencer Marketing

So what are the pain points this type of marketing can help marketers resolve, much like these winning companies did for their organizations?

"Brands and influencers are still trying to figure out how best to work together," Fidelman told us. "They’re struggling to work in a new model of advertising. Brands can create ads on Facebook or LinkedIn with a few clicks and generate a click every thousand impressions or so. But these rarely deliver a lasting or meaningful impact."

Influencer marketing, Fidelman added, could lead to results 16 times better than traditional advertising. 

Our takeaway here? If you're starting an influential marketing program, you could begin by gaining some insights from these winning campaigns.