Small business all-in-one sales and marketing provider Infusionsoft has announced they’ve bought GroSocial, a social media marketing software company. With this acquisition, Infusionsoft aims to create a one stop marketing tool for small businesses.

Founded in 2010, InfusionSoft helps over 12,000 clients by integrating marketing and sales platforms into a single platform, helping small businesses gain and retain a loyal customer base. GroSocial, also founded in 2010, focuses on small businesses as well, helping them navigate and get the most from social media marketing.

Marketing with Infusionsoft and GroSocial

Recently Infusionsoft has noticed that small businesses have a variety of choices when improving marketing strategies, as the number of digital marketing products grows. Despite this choice, when it comes to customer engagement Infusionsoft says there are some key components that small businesses need when using social media to market its product, and it believes this new partnership will provide them. They are:

  • Professional Presence: Users will be able to enhance their Facebook page with tabs and timeline covers, while on Twitter they will have access to design theme templates and a drag and drop editor.
  • Opt-In Forms: With this feature, Infusionsoft says that users will be able to attract follows and fans.
  • Connect and Build: Once a fan base is established, users can improve engagement through contests and promotions. Users can also expand their social media presence by having YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ accounts, in addition to Facebook and Twitter.
  • 24/7 Engagement: With GroSocial’s scheduling feature, users can schedule tweets. They will also be able to monitor custom saved searches and RSS Feeds, while keeping track of a campaign's success through analytics data.

The Details

By incorporating GroSocial into the system, InfusionSoft’s current and future clients will be able to navigate and utilize social media when using it as part of a marketing campaign.

Social media marketing isn't just for big brands [and] we see a huge opportunity to change the way small businesses get results from social media platforms,” says Zach Mangum, co-founder of GroSocial. "Our tools make it easy for small businesses to have a big-business presence on social media and to actually generate leads and convert sales from their social media marketing efforts."

GroSocial is expected to be fully integrated with InfusionSoft’s CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce tools, while the Infusionsoft widget will be incorporated into the GroSocial App so that the app's users will be able to connect to customers at all times.

This isn't the only recent news for InfusionSoft. At the beginning of January they received US$ 54 million in funding from Goldman Sachs, which will be used to help small businesses, with up to 25 employees, in their digital marketing efforts.