Inside Marketos New Customer Experience Platform mktgnation14

Inside Marketo's New Customer Experience Platform #mktgnation14

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Marketo itself admitted that it's not the only marketing software company talking about real time personalization, one to one interactions and customer experience programs.

But it claims it's the best choice for companies that are looking for a marketing platform with those capabilities. Better than Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe and anyone else in the space.

At the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco this week, the 500 employee San Mateo, Calif. based marketing software company provider unveiled it's new marketing platform.

"We think everybody needs a customer engagement platform, and we think we happen to have the best," said Jon Miller, vice president of marketing content and strategy and a Marketo co-founder. "Moreover, we want to be the company that will define what you need to have in a customer experience platform."

Platform Examined


Marketo believes that a customer experience platform should offer marketers the chance to oversee their entire digital marketing and campaign strategy in real-time from a single point of view. 

In its new platform, Marketo said marketers can now:

  • Track consumer behaviors, affinities and contexts across digital, social and mobile channels in a single data repository
  • Design and coordinate customer experiences to take each customer on a personal journey over time
  • Deliver personalized content and messages across channels and devices
  • Plan the marketing calendar, coordinate content, track investments and tie the marketing budget directly to results
  • Measure and maximize marketing ROI across channels
  • Get best practice guidance and knowledge 

The three fundamental capabilities inside the customer engagement platform are:

  • Real-time web personalization: creates personalized experiences for web and mobile visitors integrated in any CMS. Marketo's December acquisition of Insightera brought specialization to this arena.
  • Marketing Calendar: makes changes to the Marketo calendar based on data in real time while helping marketing teams coordinate execution and share activities with internal audiences in a single place
  • Search engine optimization: helps marketers without specialized knowledge make it easier for consumers searching the web to discover their site content, analyze keyword rankings, suggest new keywords and recommend web page optimization

Why This Product?

We've heard those terms before. Why Marketo?

Learning Opportunities

Miller compared his organization with some heavy-hitters in the space.

"Marketo is first and foremost the company for marketing that gets marketing and is, frankly, innovating for marketing," Miller told CMSWire. "Put another way, we do a lot of stuff that Oracle and Salesforce just don't do. The web personalization, Oracle and Salesforce just don't have. The calendaring and SEO, Oracle and Salesforce don't have that." 

"For Adobe," Miller continued, "they're telling a very broad story. They have a lot of integration work to do to stitch all that stuff together. Our 'wow' factor is that we're not just pretty on the outside. It all works together really, really nicely."

Miller said Marketo's release today taps into industry trends that are driving changes in marketing, such as utilizing behavior metrics to better target prospects. 

He also noted that the industry is moving away from campaigns and on to "continuous conversations."

"Buyers don’t buy on your schedule," he said. "They're operating on their own cycle, and they expect a consistent experience as they move across paid, earned and social media. Marketing is about creating an experience rather than pushing a particular campaign."

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