Business intelligence firm Alteryx has debuted Project Edition, an analytics package it has dubbed instant analytics, the kind to be deployed for a specific project and one that doesn't require assistance from IT to run.

Instant Analytics Debuts from Alteryx

Introduction to Alteryx Strategic Analytics

Project Edition, as the name implies, is a scaled down version of the Alteryx Strategic Analycis 8.5 system, and the company has released it in the hopes of exposing a wider customer base to the full paid version. Project Edition, while free to use, is limited because it only allows data to be run a handful of times for a given purpose.

The data can come from a variety of sources like Excel, text files, data warehouses, cloud apps, Hadoop or social media, and can be integrated and cleansed by Alteryx. This single analytics workflow is meant to help teams crunch data for particluar assignment even if they don't have any coding or programming skills.

Once the data is analyzed, it can be presented in reports, data files or Tableau, a data visualization tool. Alteryx is targeting line of business data analysts with Project Edition, and the benefit is said to be that it offers sophisticated, insightful analytics faster and cheaper than an IT based legacy app.

Alteryx calls this segment of workers data artisans, the workers who can analyze data more quickly and creatively, and come up with meaningful business insights as a result. These people don't have to be data scientists, and Project Edition is meant to be used by just such a non technical person.

Project Edition Features

Project Edition is a free download upon registration, and data can be run up to 15 times for a specific project. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of data connections allowed in the free version. Project Edition offers traditional, spatial and predictive analytics and data management tools.

Alteryx offers Personal and Professional versions of its analytics software as well, and they include added features like sharable analytic apps, unlimited numbers of runs and automated scheduling and event monitoring.