Improving purchasing statistics and generating leads is a goal of any marketer when they launch a new campaign, but not everyone can do this well. Twitter wants to improve this field for marketers who use the site with a new Lead Generation Twitter Card.

Improving Leads, One Tweet at a Time

While the customer experience is an important part of marketing, marketers also have to make sure that that a campaign expands a brand's social impact with possible sales contacts, increased revenue and customer conversion. While many companies are successful in this endeavor, not all are able to generate good leads, which is why Twitter has introduced the Lead Generation Card.

In using the Lead Generation Card, marketers can entice potential customers to find out more information about their company and products. These potential customers merely have to expand a tweet that promotes a particular offer and sign up for more information by clicking a button, as their contact information, which includes their Twitter user name and email address are automatically filled-in.

Twitter Lead Generation Card

Using this tool can make a business' lead generation efforts more profitable as marketers can engage with Twitter users and extend product offers without having to direct these users to another page and disrupt their social media activity

Many beta participants found the streamlined nature of the Lead Generation Card was instrumental in driving a low cost-per-lead compared to other technologies in their marketing suite,” said Twitter's Product Manager, Revenue Mitali Pattnaik.

The Lead Generation card is currently only available to Twitter’s managed clients, such as New Relic and Full Sail, but there are plans to release it publicly.

So, What Do the Critics Say?

It appears that this Lead Generation card will be a good addition to the Twitter marketing platform and for those businesses looking to make a bigger influence on potential leads.

The Twitter Lead Generation card is ideal for advertisers looking to grow their newsletter and marketing promotion database,” said Anne Garcia.

Although, as with any new product the Lead Generation Card is met with some concern. Frans Van Hulle initially praised the product, like Garcia, but notes that there are three problems that can develop from using this tool that marketing and advertisers should be aware of. The first major issue he has with the card is its targeting technique.

Targeted lead generation is crucial, and this card doesn't really seem to allow targeting other than monitoring whether or not people respond to TV commercials,” he says . Moreover, if you can only promote offers to your own followers, it’s not clear how can you branch out and produce volume.”

The first of the two other problems that Van Hull points out is that there isn't a way for businesses to really control data, as a larger portion of it is managed by Twitter, such as the forwarding of email addresses and other contact information to the company in question. The second problem is that there isn't any ‘quality control’ and spam messages and email accounts can easily filter through.

While marketers and advertisers might have concerns, the success of this tool within the lead generation field will be measured when it becomes more widely available..

A Recent Update

Since its launch in 2012, the Twitter Cards have become an important resource for businesses that use the micro-blogging website. In addition to the Lead Generation card, in April Twitter added an App, Product and Gallery cards which joined the Summary, Photo and Player/Video cards.