Video on the Web has become a key part of many companies’ marketing toolkits. To offer that capability, Web content and customer experience provider Kentico Software is adding to its Enterprise Marketing Solution video integration and hosting from Questionmine. 

Lance Shuldberg, Co-Founder and Product Strategist at Questionmine, said in a statement that the combination will offer marketers “the power to not only host video to tell their story, but create instantly actionable marketing data that can be used to better engage customers while generating leads and driving immediate sales.”

Video Key in Digital Marketing

The Czech Republic-based Kentico’s key product is its Web CMS, a Web content management and customer experience management platform that offers functionality for building websites, intranets, community sites and e-commerce solutions on a Microsoft ASP.NET platform or in the cloud. The Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution extends the CMS Ultimate Editor with marketing-specific features. The Austin, Texas-based Questionmine specializes in video- and non-video-based surveys, quizzes and automated webinars, with coupons, discounts and free content rewarded to customers for their feedback.

A Questionmine Creation Screen.png

A Questionmine Video Creation Screen

In its announcement, Kentico pointed out that video is a two-way street, in that it can not only provide information to consumers but can obtain data from them as well, such as which videos were clicked, how long they were watched, and, if the user is signed in, which user is watching.

Engagement Through Video

Through the integrated video, leads can be generated by adding lead capture forms at any point in a video, and lead qualification can occur by adding questions that appear during the video. Video engagement metrics and analytics can be tracked in real time, and website content can be customized, depending on how viewers answer questions during the video. Additionally, call-to-action buttons, such as “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart,” can be added to videos.

But one aspect of video-based marketing on the Web is not addressed in this announcement, nor is it applied in many marketing-driven uses of online video. This is the usability issue: it is so much faster to find Web-based information by reading or scanning text or through some functionality like searching, than it is by watching a video.

A Web-based marketing video is fundamentally unlike other kinds of video, because there needs to be an added value to warrant the time spent watching. That value -- which would enhance user engagement if marketers would more often keep in mind the user time involved -- is usually information that can only be presented via a time-based media like video, such as demonstrating the product in action in a way that cannot be completely understood via text and still images.