KISSMetrics Releases iOS Google Analytics App
Analytics patterns are always changing, so instead of relying on a daily summary report that’s only available in a desktop format, marketers need to be able to track this data from anywhere and on any device.

This is where KISSMetrics’s My Analytics could prove useful. Designed to track Google Analytics, the new app is an iOS alternative to Google’s own mobile analytics app for Android.

Introducing My Analytics

Many different companies use Google Analytics to track website activity data, but the company's mobile analytics app is only available to Android users -- even though there are Google Analytics users who use non-Android devices. Despite this, there are a few iOS options available, such as the Analytics App andAnalytiks,but most of these tools are limited.

A spokesperson for My Analytics cited current apps that leverage Google Analytics data do not let you compare data over time,” wrote Thom Craver. “Upon observing this significant omission, the KISSMetrics team saw an opportunity.”

With My Analytics iOS users will now not only be able to see specific data from a certain time period, but compare it data from another time, such as day before or a week ago.

Individual reports include the amount of visitors to a page, how many unique visitors they have, the amount of pageviews, what goals were reached, as well as e-commerce transactions and revenue made from these transactions.

Learning Opportunities

At the moment, My Analytics is onlyavailable from iTunes and it's not known if the company plans to release a version of the app for other devices.

A Google Comparison

Althought MyAnalytics is the KISSMetrics version of the Google Analytics mobile app, but the apps are a bit different.

According its Google Play page, data that can be seen with Google Analytics mobile app includes cost per conversion, the amount of current visitors on a site, daily conversion rates and if a current visitor is a referral, organic or a direct visitor. Other information, that is similar to My Analytics, include a comparison of data over a certain time period and transactions.

According to Craver the companyhas plans to update the app with new features now that it’s readily available to the public.

At present, the My Analytics team is currently focused on making improvements to the iOS version and incorporating the feedback from the masses now that the final product is live in the wild," he wrote.