Customer Experience, LeadSift Social Media Scores for Sales Leads
Whether or not some national security agency is tracking and comparing your every utterance in social media, it's clear that a variety of digital marketing intelligence firms are. One of the latest is Nova Scotia-based LeadSift, which creates a score indicating your value as a sales prospect.

The cloud-based software scans millions of social conversations to determine a user’s LeadScore, a metric to help businesses target the most likely new, and the most receptive existing, customers. The technology has already been integrated into HootSuite’s App Directory.

‘Caffeine, Coding and Compiling’

Tapajyoti Das, LeadSift CEO, said in a statement that the new service, created "after months of caffeine, coding and compiling feedback from beta testers and advisors," is designed to be more efficient than systems using keyword searches to track and find leads.

The natural language processing software looks for more than 50 different indications about your lead-worthiness, and then characterizes those indications as hot, warm or cold. The company compared its LeadScore to a Klout score, a similar analysis of online content which, in that case, determines a score of your online influence.

The LeadScore characterizations are determined by a combination of semantic analysis and knowledge of a particular industry. As an example, LeadSift noted that a social media user posting "I need a car" is scored lower than "I'm looking for a Honda Civic," because the latter statement is further down the marketing funnel toward a purchase decision.

Job? House? Pet?

But that analysis is just the beginning for LeadSift. A user's score is also qualified by an analysis of all of their conversations in the past as well as their demographic positioning, meshed with their public social profile. For instance, the company noted, a person looking for a new car who also has a job and owns a house is scored higher than a car seeker with neither employment nor property ownership.

Other questions that can determine your LeadScore include whether you have a pet or if you have a family. In some cases, such background information is often revealed in your social media streams. For instance, the company said that more than 40% of Twitter users indicate in their bios where they live.

Analyzing sentiment and buyer intention from big data has become a major new wave in online marketing products from major vendors like Salesforce and HootSuite, as well as startups like Socedo. A report in March, for instance, noted that marketing departments are only supplying 30% of the leads that sales departments need – and big data analysis can come to the rescue.