Localytics Emphasizes Its Mobile Interactive Marketing Platform for Developers

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Localytics Emphasizes Its Mobile Interactive Marketing Platform for Developers
Can developers better monetize their mobile apps by using analytics-driven calls-to-action? Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Localytics thinks so.

The company, which was founded in 2009, said that 10,000 apps currentlyuse its analytics products, reaching over 350 million devices – iOS,Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone –and providing information aboutplatform, device type, sessions, and unique users.

The startup has just raised US$ 5.5 million in a Series B round, on top of US$ 2.5 million Series A acquired last year. The new funding is intended to help the company enhance its existing mobile analytics business, targeted at developers and enterprise customers.  Tracking data is used to provide information about conversionfunnels, screen flows, feature usage, content access and advertisingperformance.

User Loyalty

Some of the funding will be used to expand use of Localytics’ new platform, Interactive Marketing for Apps. The platform seeks to foster user loyalty and increase conversions through the use of actionable, in-app messages. The delivery of the automated, targeted messages are based on analytics showing userbehavior and engagement.

“Until now,” Localytics says on its website, “app publishers had no way to interact with their users who turn off push messaging or don’t provide email messages or phone numbers." And push messages or emails, the company said, are often unrelated to what a user is doing.

Learning Opportunities

With the platform, messages are delivered in real-time, based on triggers that are customized to events. Example use cases include offering a special promotion when a shopping cart is abandoned, or providing an offer -- possibly several to test variations -- when certain content is displayed. Some messages are pre-loaded, so that they can be displayed when needed, even if the network has slowed down.

Finding What Works

Localytics co-founder and CEO Raj Aggarwal told news media that developers need better tools to make money from their apps, beyond advertising. He also said that his company’s analytics can be useful in determining which messages work and how well, so that messages can be adjusted on-the-fly when needed.

For three months, Localytics is offering its platform for free, after which there will be per-user pricing.