Those who were waiting for the mobile-equipped versions of the latest iPads can now rush out to the store and bask in their 4G goodness, and the ensuing huge data bills. 

A Generation Ahead

Those lucky enough to be on a 4G contract, in range of a 4G network, and happy enough to splash out on yet another iPad can now go shopping for the go-everywhere tablet at their nearest AT&T, Sprint or Verizon store. 

Expect stocks to be tight, not helped by the theft of several bundles from JFK Airport's warehouses, and the general demand which is still high since the launch. These models aren't cheap though with Sprint’s 4G LTE iPad Mini priced at $459.99 for 16GB, $559.99 for 32GB and $659.99 for 64Gb versions. 

Full-size iPad 4s retail for $629, $729 and $829 respectively for the 4G version. Plus there's your network contract which is looking like costing around $50 for 5GB of data, depending on who you go with. With Amazon's larger-screen 8.9" model of the Kindle Fire HD hitting stores yesterday, consumers now have a huge choice of tablets to choose from. 

Learning Opportunities

Consumer Choices

It comes as no surprise that Apple's iPad still dominates Google's searches for information on tablets. But, as you can see from this Google Trends analysis, the iPad (green) is way ahead but the iPad mini (red) isn't that far ahead of the Kindle Fire (blue) or Nexus 7 (orange) in searches. 


If that degree of interest translates into differences in sales over the upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday and further holiday sales remains to be seen. But with tablets still looking like being the hot ticket for gifts again this year, is it really wise of Apple to venture into the HDTV market, as rumored, next year?