B2B marketing automation provider Pardot has upgraded its platform with features that it said makes sales initiatives easier. 

Zach Bailey, Pardot vice president of products, said in a statement that sales and marketing executives, in order to hit their numbers, “need enriched campaigns, tools that simplify campaign creation, and even more automated processes.” The platform, he said, has been updated “with these concepts in mind,” allowing users to spend more time being creative with their campaigns and “less time fussing with their marketing automation system.”

Enhanced Dynamic Content Builder

One of the updates is an enhanced and simplified dynamic content builder, whose revisions are intended to improve ease of use in the creation of personalized web experiences for buyers. New functionality includes the ability to customize blocks of content on a website based on known data about the sales prospect, such as job title, previous downloads or industry.

This enhanced functionality for dynamic content, the company said, could be used to promote calls-to-action that are based on a prospect’s interests, or to display images that relate to a prospect’s past purchases.

The Pardot landing page now has a brand-new interface, designed to enable the building of professional-grade landing pages within minutes. Users employ pre-defined templates, populated by their content via a drag-and-drop builder. The content can reside within Pardot, so no app-switching is needed, and advanced users can choose to hand-code the HTML.

Eventbrite Connector

A connector has also been added to Eventbrite, the cloud registration management service. This integration makes Eventbrite information about events available inside Pardot, so that digital marketers can plan accordingly.

The updates also include enhanced control of CRM data syncing, a more flexible conversion reporting, click-to-open rates and bounce reasons added to email reporting, and the ability to view historical import data.

Pardot’s B2B cloud marketing automation platform, targeted at small- and mid-sized businesses, includes CRM integration, email marketing, lead nurturing, lead scoring and ROI reporting. The new enhancements follow the release during this quarter of more than a dozen additional features for the platform.