Marketing Maturity, Organizational Readiness, and the Impact of Social Intelligence

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You know what’s cool about the evolution of the customer experience? That there are now firms that exclusively focus on it and help companies optimize the customer experience. As we know, the customer experience has always been; but it hasn’t always been a multi-channel digital experience. As a result, companies have struggled to keep up with the demand. Enter Tahzoo. 

A Healthy Obsession with People

Tahzoo is a customer experience management firm that describes itself as “customer-obsessed”. As a result, it’s chief strategy and marketing officer, John Kottcamp, is obsessed with people. We spoke with John to learn more about Tahzoo and the importance of utilizing social intelligence and multi-channel, dynamic publishing to deliver relevant content, engaging and persuasive customer experience.


Like customer experience, Tahzoo has been evolving as well. They started as an implementation partner for SDL Tridion and then over time, became more focused on technical implementation and consultation. Now, they work to drive customer experience management through tailored customer experiences. But before companies can get started, John says there’s a certain level of organizational readiness that needs to take place. 


Tahzoo combines one part strategic thinking, two parts organizational and operational excellence with engineering rigor to help drive customer engagement through tailored customer experiences.


Is Your Organizational Ready?

Earlier this year, John wrote about the four stages of marketing maturity. In our discussion he talked about them as well, citing their importance in helping companies design, develop, implement, and operationalize successful integrated customer experience management solutions. 

  • Stage 1: Looking at the conversations taking place across channels
  • Stage 2: Setting up reactive social media customer service relationships 
  • Stage 3: Developing community building and customer loyalty platforms and programs
  • Stage 4: Real-time integration and context optimization resulting in the targeting, messaging, publishing, and measurement of engaging, relevant, and persuasive customer experiences. 


For many companies, getting to stage three is hard enough. But if you’re fortunate enough to get to the fourth stage, there is much value to be unlocked. Social Intelligence can provide many benefits to optimizing customer experience. It helps companies apply a much-needed contextual layer to online experiences, which can allow companies to proactively engage users based on real world situations and create personalized experiences. 


Social intelligence lets you update your website with content that was already developed if there’s a problem or PR crisis. It can also let you present information and promotional content to users based on their behaviors. By presenting relevant messages that are targeted at the right people doesn’t happen over night. It requires a specific marketing maturity and a commitment to organizational readiness.

Learning Opportunities

Can Social Intelligence Create Better Communities?

During last week’s #CXMHangout, our panelists discussed the challenges associated with managing online communities. So I was interested, does social intelligence make companies better at managing communities? Kottcamp says that social intelligence should make it easier for them to engage across a broad range of channels.

All channels are capable of providing insights and that data can be used to improve communications. But ultimately, a company’s ability to make meaningful connections comes down to how committed they are to continually evolving the way their organization works. What will you do now that you know who to listen to? How will these insights affect how your company responds, acts and engages internally with employees or externally with stakeholders? 

For Tahzoo, they're focused on growing and expanding their role. With new offices opening in Europe, the demand for delivering fully-managed service is increasing. As such, Tahzoo is considering cloud integration, working on how to connect with offline communities and making automated workflows a reality.