Use of mobile devices to consume information (news, books and other media) is rapidly leaving the printed word for dead. Yet, old habits die hard among advertisers who stick limpet-like to print advertising. This is something that is probably annoying mobile ad agencies, as a report by a mobile marketing (ahem) firm points out.

Print is Dead -- Again!

The fun thing about Internet-era metrics is that they can be updated by the second and yet often overwhelm the poor folk in marketing and ad agencies. So, the savior of web advertising is, in fact, its worst enemy. In this example, the victim -- the print media -- which knows it is being slowly strangled, continues to defy the critics by refusing to roll over and die.

By keeping going, newspapers and magazines still eat up a huge amount of the media's available advertising budget. This seems to irk the Web advertising world somewhat, unaware that, in some cases, centuries old partnerships are pretty hard to just quit.

So, this time, we have a report from eMarketer bemoaning the fact that while print continues to decline, digital isn't seeing its fair share of advertising revenue. In fact the big highlight is that regular TV is still winning the media battle.


Mobile is racing up the charts, but has a long way to go to beat TV

It Doesn't Ad Up

While mobile usage continues to grow rapidly, it has just a fraction of the advertising spend. Perhaps that is because users with limited screen space don't want to see adverts obscuring whatever it is they are trying to read? 

Either way, print will continue to decline slowly, but still eat up a whole lot of advertising budget, because, I think, it's so much easier to wave a bit of paper at someone with an advert on it to justify your existence at a marketing company.

That's a whole lot easier than it is to scroll through a bunch of different ad formats and dashboards or spreadsheets that read like pinball scores but often only show a tiny percentage of clicks and even less sales.