Social media moves at the speed of conversation, multiplied by zillions of users. To better act on all that chattering, NetBase is now offering engagement tools to resolve issues that its “sentiment analysis” has uncovered.

One of the first to integrate the new service is SAP, which has been in a race with Salesforce to keep its CRM current in this new era of social enterprises. With NetBase’s new technology integrated into SAP’s CRM, a company can not only discover that a customer is complaining about a product, but can act on that complaint, reference a customer’s history, and perhaps offer a special make-up bonus.

‘Buzz and Sentiment’

NetBase’s Enterprise Social Intelligence (ESI) Platform was built around its high-precision, natural language processing engine, or NLP. That engine has been one of NetBase’s distinguishing attributes, as the company prides itself on being able to distinguish more than just keywords. Instead, ESI grasps the content of what people are saying to track what the company calls “buzz and sentiment” -- and hopefully head off issues before they balloon into crises.

To help monitor sentiment, NetBase’s tools also include a year of on-demand historical data that assesses customer opinion about a given brand’s attributes, with comparisons to competitors and presentations of time-based trends. Custom dashboards can be created with the NetBase Social Insight Composer, an app builder with a data visualization library and templates designed for businesses.

With generated charts and other data visualization techniques, NetBase can track a brand’s volume, positive or negative trends, intensity, and other attributes among the many social feeds that are being monitored. A Net Sentiment score shows the average. Additionally, sample quoted comments from the streams of social commenting help to illustrate the visuals.

MediaFunnel, HootSuite to Come Next

The SAP integration is being announced at the company’s Sapphire conference taking place in Orlando. It is now available commercially, with a more formal sales launch expected next month. SAP had been reselling NetBase’s social intelligence package with SAP’s BusinessObjects business intelligence software, under an arrangement announced in December. Branded as the SAP Social Media Analytics application by NetBase, that product provides real-time analytics.

In addition to SAP, NetBase integrations with social media engagement system MediaFunnel and social media management dashboard HootSuite are in the works. In both cases, NetBase’s technology is expected to add more focused tools of engagement and response to the social media monitoring capabilities already present in those platforms.