New iOS Update Adds iCloud Keychain, Improves Search, Fixes Bugs

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After the drama of a pair of slightly thinner, more powerful iPads, its back to the more prosaic stuff at Apple. The new iOS 7.0.3 update adds the keychain feature to store multiple passwords, improves searching from the Spotlight and fixes several other bugs and gremlins in the system. 

On the Road To 7.1

While the dedicated fans start queuing again, thanks to the introduction of new iPads and Macs, those soon-to-be consigned to the dustbin current models can be dusted off one last time for a new essential iOS 7.0.3 upgrade. 

From a usability perspective we have the addition of the iCloud Keychain to keep track of account names, passwords and credit card numbers across all approved devices. That will make shopping online and using services easier. It also comes with a handy password generator, so Safari can suggest safer options.

On the bug side, Apple has fixed an iMessage app glitch that prevented it from sending between different versions of iOS and the accelerometer issues with the new iPhone 5S have  been addressed. The stability of  iWork has also been improved, and, for students, more administrative controls. You won't be able to install everything you like on those educational iPads thanks to a change to the Supervised Device settings.

The update is around 50MB, depending on your device and current version. It is a stepping-stone to 7.1, which is expected to ship with the new iPads. If you missed all the fuss yesterday, you can now watch a replay on any device of Apple's latest show and tell. 

Learning Opportunities

Walking With An iPad Air

Now the dust has settled on the event, a few nuggets can be gleaned from the speeches and lovingly crafted talking-head videos. Apple has been working on the iPad Air "for years" and has only released this refined styling when good and ready.

That puts a big damper on the company revealing its Apple HDTVs or iWatch until it is totally satisfied. So, all those calls from press and analysts for an early look or release at these new products to counter the moves by the like of Samsung, Nokia and others won't mean a hill of beans to Apple.

Back on the production line, the news that the new iPad mini will be going on sale "later in November suggests Apple isn't completely the master of its own destiny. If there's been some trouble with its supply chain for those smaller retina screens, expect Apple to muscle its way to a solution. 

Most interesting was the move to free OS upgrades. That could put Microsoft under pressure when the time comes to announce Windows 9, especially if there's the usual push to buy a new PC alongside it. Expect much debate on this issue from all quarters. 

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