NewBrandAnalytics Targets Hospitality Industry with Social Monitering Tool nBA 3.0
Social media monitoring has become social listening -- which has, in turn, become social market intelligence. There is so much being said online and in the cloud about restaurants and hotels that companies like newBrandAnalytics are sweeping in with digital tools to help businesses make sense (and cents) of it all.

The company's nBA 3.0 social monitoring tool listens to what people are saying (or complaining) about restaurants. The software boils this information down into mission-critical insights that help managers and marketers make decisions to improve the customer experience.

Hospitality Industry Benefits

While newBrandAnalytics nBA 3.0 could be used for any type of business, the company is pushing it as a way to help service industry types get a handle on social media. Making data-driven decisions is hard when your main focus is on the customers sitting at your tables. 

NBA 3.0 lets businesses to see what people are saying on review sites and social media. This lets them figure out what their customers like and -- most often -- what they're complaining about. (We all know how easy it is for people to go off on Yelp or Twitter about their lunch.) The company says that by using nBA 3.0, restaurant groups and hospitality managers would be able to:

  • Uncover and fix product, pricing and value issues
  • Measure service effectiveness and identify training opportunities
  • Pinpoint trouble spots with equipment, suppliers, internal processes and delivery
  • Understand competitive benchmarks and discover ways to win new customers
  • Connect directly with reviewers to increase customer loyalty

Now that this level of social media saturation is getting down to the restaurant level, it provides a good opportunity for service establishments not only to connect with their customers -- but also to see what the competition is up to.

NewBrandAnalytics Targets Hospitality Industry with Social Monitering Tool nBA 3.0

Track engagement, get feedback, and make decisions based on location or brand.

The Importance of Customer Experience

In the retail and hospitality industries, those companies focused on repeat business need to get busy finding their biggest fans online. Whatever value people may put into online reviews, there's no harm in reaching out to those influencers and connecting with them. It shouldn't be difficult to see what complaints people are posting on Facebook and Twitter, and then measure which areas those complaints are focused on.

Using an nBA 3.0 tool called Instant, companies can set up alerts to notify managers about problems as they come up. That way, the right person can contact that person in real time. NBA Advantage is a tool that can lay out metrics like sentiment for understanding what makes customers happy. Let us know in the comments what businesses have ever contacted you because of something you tweeted or wrote on their Facebook.