Nokia's Free Mapping App Rolls Out on iOS

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 Frustrated by the iOS 6 native Maps app and lack of Google's old app? Nokia has you covered with its well-regarded "Here" app now available on iPhone and iPad.

Mapping the Future of Mobile

Apple's Maps app was such a fail for the company that jobs were lost over it. But, for users, the sacrifice (and the letter of apology) did not offer much in the way of comfort. However, it created plenty of opportunity for existing iOS and other map providers.

While Apple's app is perfectly functional for many, and getting better as fixes and updates are applied to the data, Nokia is the first to arrive with Here. Based on its highly successful and well-regarded own NAVTEQ maps data used across the Nokia phone range, it should offer far greater accuracy if you're having trouble with your Apple Maps app. 


Learning Opportunities

Choose Your Own Route

Aside from offering basic location and route planning information with audio directions, it comes with instant access to local points of interest, eateries and accommodation. Perhaps the highlight features are the Community and Collections information. These allow you to feed off local knowledge, or build up your own little world of reference points (you need to create a Nokia account to use this).

With Google's own mapping app in testing and likely due out before Christmas, we'll soon all be able to pick our own favorite app from across the range. But, for now give Nokia's effort a go, and enjoy the ability to download voice instructions, so you don't need a signal to keep up with the route.

Funnily enough, I'd spotted a few typos in the data within a few minutes and some satellite imagery is slow to load and the quality in places isn't as good as Google's offering.  So, this isn't perfect either, but its dataset is used in the majority of GPS navigation services so at least a good route should be easy to find and follow.