If you’ve had a sneaking suspicion that video ads are becoming more prevalent online, your suspicions are correct. Consumers are increasingly viewing their favorite television shows and movies online, and according to comScore the advertising dollars are following.

More Online Video, More Ads

The Internet continues to alter how we live. Everything from how we communicate to how we find information and consume media is evolving. According data from comScore, the amount of video watched via the Internet continues to climb. In June, 33 billion videos were viewed online.

Another study by comScore found that on average, there are almost 180 million unique viewers of video per month, and perhaps more importantly, their level of engagement continues to climb. Online video consumption isn’t limited to traditional PCs. Users are watching video on their TVs. Video consumption on tablets and smart phones is also showing significant growth.

Where are people getting all of this video content? Google Sites (primarily YouTube) is leading the pack. In June, Google attracted 154, 507 million unique users that viewed an impressive 1,238.1 minutes per video. These numbers support Google SVP, Nikes Arora’s statements last week regarding the search giants success growing YouTube into a viable business brand.

When Google acquired YouTube six years ago a lot of onlookers questioned how the search giant planned to monetize the site. The company declined to reveals specific revenue numbers for YouTube, but said that thousands of content producers are bringing in six-figures in revenue from their efforts. It’s definitely possible; comScore shows Google led the market for video ads in June by serving up 1.41 billion ads that reached almost 25 percent of the total US population.

However, Google isn’t the only company delivering lots of video content. Yahoo came in second for content, attracting 51.5 million unique visitors; Facebook was next with 49 million. VEVO and Viacom rounded out the top five video content producers in June. In terms of video ads, only Google made the top five list. BrightRoll Video Network followed Google delivering nearly 1.39 billion ads. Next came Hulu with 1.33 billion, Adap.tv with 1.15 billion and TubeMogul Video Ad Platform with 1.04 billion. Overall, over 11 billion video ads were displayed last month.

The Future of TV

Traditional television viewing is on the decline. Even when people use televisions as a device, they use connected devices to access Internet-based content via Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other digital providers. 84.8 percent of the US Internet audience viewed online video in June. We are quickly moving to a future where Internet viewing is the norm and traditional network programming is a significantly lagging second.