Kevin Cochrane is in as the new OpenText Chief Marketing Officer, a position he held at Day Software before joining Adobe as VP helping to build that company's Digital Marketing Business Unit.

That bodes well for OpenText as Cochrane takes over strategic planning and implementation of OpenText's global marketing work. Cochrane helped transform Adobe into a digital marketing powerhouse, a real accomplishment considering the company was mostly known for its creative design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

OpenText Web Experience Management a Likely Starting Point

As an Adobe VP of product marketing, Cochrane was in charge of worldwide product marketing and management for Adobe Web Experience Management. Because of his experience there, we feel he could start off working on the OpenText Web Experience Management tools, and more specifically, how to further develop it for the cloud.

Back in November, the company announced it plans to offer its complete stack of resources in the cloud, and Cochrane will obviously be a part of that. Additionally, because OpenText is still rolling out its Windows 8 compatible offerings, Cochrane could also be plugged into some of that work.

It's all about integrating OpenText's products so customers can see how the pieces fit together. Not that they don't understand a bit of that already, but Cochrane specializes in this kind of work as he laid out to CMSWire last year in an interview.

The Importance of WEM

There's a big difference between Adobe and OpenText of course, and both are doing very well in 2013. For Cochrane to have left Adobe, OpenText must have made an offer he couldn't refuse. He may simply have felt his work was done at Adobe, and it's hard to argue with the success of his legacy there, but if he can perform at OpenText like he did at Adobe, the company will have gotten a great deal.


Building cross channel, personalized content is a big part of web experience management.

No matter his specific projects at OpenText, Cochrane will be a big part of the company's continued push into the cloud and customer experience management. Ensuring scalable content can be delivered to mobile devices will also no doubt be in play too, as more and more people demand such experiences across virtually all industries.

As we mentioned above, Cochrane's impact at Adobe was acute, so 2013 will be a year to remember for both companies because of this move. In fact, we think it will be nearly as interesting to see how Adobe handles the move as how OpenText does.