Optify Connect Links Behaviors, History to Website Visitors
Last month, Optify revealed the secrets of digital marketing performers. Today, they’re announcing a new capability that presents the entire behavioral history and detailed information about a lead in one place. Talk about a secret performer.

With Optify Connect, marketers will be able to connect new contacts with their anonymous visit history, in an effort to create a 360-degree view of their leads. Built on its digital marketing platform, Optify Connect allows marketers to increase their response rate and evaluate leads better than ever before.

Like the marketing platforms we've seen from Demandbase, Optfy seems to be stepping up their ability to identify website visitors so that sales and marketing teams can not only identify better, more reliable leads, but they can also learn more about customer behaviors. This can help sales and marketing teams improve their targeted advertising strategies.

Learning Opportunities

More Info = More Effective Followup

Optify Connect can be used to enhance the following Optify applications:

  • Email Manager: Marketers can view how many contacts opened, clicked or unsubscribed from each email, and receive detailed information on each individual for insight into future campaigns. Users can also compare email performance based on key metrics through in-depth marketing reports.
  • Contact Manager: Each record in contact manager can be seen, from source to website visits to personal and company information. This lets users assert more control over their customer relationship management strategy. By using customized fields in landing pages or emails, marketers can better segment, prioritize, filter and follow up with contacts based on their profile and behavioral data.
  • Landing Pages: Marketers can capture information without the use of traditional landing page forms. They can also use A/B testing on landing pages using Google experiments and integrate with any CMS system.

It’s clear that Optify is committed to helping marketers become more invested in the customer experience -- by giving them the tools that make it easier to develop personas and identify relevant behaviors.