When you think of targeted advertising, you may not always think about B2B marketing. However, for the folks at Demandbase, targeting advertising can be a B2B marketer's best tool. Which is why they’re launching Demandbase Company Targeted Advertising, an advertising solution for company targeting, which enables B2B advertisers to target and personalize display advertising to specific companies or to companies that meet a predetermined list of corporate attributes.

The Road to an Optimized Customer Experience

To understand how this came to be, let’s revisit Demandbase’s last few releases.

In 2010, Demandbase launched Real-Time ID Service that aims to identify business web traffic, in real time. Then they added personalization, which sought to apply specific parameters -- including the company, size or industry of the inbound visitor -- to increase online conversion rates and to generate increased customer retention and engagement. Instead of using cookies to track users’ online behaviors, Real-Time ID Service tracks IP addresses, allowing companies to know what industries are visiting their site. Instead of collecting information based on previous behaviors, Demandbase looks to corporate identity for information.

By the end of 2011, Demandbase enhanced RealTime ID’s audience classification capabilities for worldwide business web traffic, which made it easier for marketers to classify web traffic into business vs. consumer audiences. In 2012, the Strategic Services Program launched with the aim of letting B2B marketers implement real-time identification faster and more effectively. Since then, they’ve been working to integrate with popular applications like Drupal and Salesforce.

What comes next after you have effectively perfected the art and science of website personalization? With Company Targeted Advertising, Demandbase now gives brands a new way to deliver and measure online advertising based on specific target accounts, stage in the sales funnel, or corporate attributes like industry, revenue, size or geography. Prospects can be identified on the web visitor’s first visit to a site, without the use of cookies or other tracking mechanisms, and ads are served only to the predetermined company targets.

Ready, Aim, Target

Unlike other targeted advertising, there is no waste with Demandbase. Think about how much time you spend targeting segments of your audience without really knowing if they’re seeing the right message at the right time. Company Targeted Advertising only serves ads to companies that have potential to buy.

How exactly? Customers can designate a specific list of companies -- be it prospects from their CRM system or a pre-defined audience, such as the “Fortune 1000” -- and make sure only those companies see their ad.

Demandbase Launches Company Targeted Advertising Platform to Deliver Precise Content Marketing

Image courtesy of Ivelin Radkov (Shutterstock)

None of this would be possible, however, without all the advancements made to the Real-Time Identification platform. Because Demandbase uniquely identifies website visitors from their very first visit to a web property, it can determine if they qualify to be presented with a customer’s ad, while ensuring that an advertiser’s spend and message is not wasted on the wrong person.

So what do you do when you realize you can get the attention of the right person at the right time? Personalize your message, of course. Content marketing is king, and in targeted advertising, without the right message, it doesn’t matter who’s seeing it if it doesn’t resonate. With Demandbase, companies can personalize ads based on company, industry verticals or other attributes.

Putting it All Together

The ultimate goal of the new platform is to help companies put the final pieces of the customer experience into place. At present, most companies -- if they have invested in real-time identification services -- can only affect the outcome of those who visit their websites. Targeted content could get to the appropriate people. However, in order to attract new customers, companies could narrow down their targeted audience only so much through advertising. For B2B marketers, especially, the process had become imprecise and costly.

With this release, Demandbase comes full circle, demonstrating not only its commitment to helping companies improve the customer experience, but also the ability to execute a vision, launch by launch.