What does content analytics mean to you? It's more than just page views and click throughs. It's also about engagement. But how can you effectively evaluate your content so it can drive future content creation and optimize content marketing? The folks at PaperShare have launched Actionable Content Analytics, which puts all of the data about your content’s performance across all your channels into one place. 

Turning Content into Action

Content marketing is only as good as the content being marketed, but it also helps to know how well content performs to different audiences. PaperShare's new product helps measure content by summarizing all the relevant data into one dashboard where marketers can drill down to an individual content item.


Additionally, a Content History Dashboard shows how that piece of content has performed over any length of time, and the readers who have consumed the content.


PaperShare's new Actionable Content Analytics aims to align content creation, marketing and publishing so as to help marketers use quality content to fill their pipeline with qualified leads. We asked PaperShare's CEO David Greschler about the new product to learn more about how it can optimize content marketing strategy

CMSWire: In the content marketing world, it's ideal that sales and marketing work together so that they can appropriately target the right audience with the right content/messaging. How do you envision that PaperShare's new Actionable Content Analytics will help sales and marketing teams collaborate better?

Greschler: First, PaperShare streamlines the connection between Marketing and Sales when it comes to letting Sales know about new content by enabling Marketing to automate alerting Sales when they've published new content. But what's really powerful is that when a sale person gets an alert email they can automatically share the content on their networks and immediately see – via the Actionable Content Analytics – who viewed their content on their network and follow up with them.


Here's an example of that: a sales person gets an alert about a new video put out by marketing. They choose to share it from the alert email, and it automatically appears on their LinkedIn activity page. 15 people click on it from the salesperson's LI activity page. Now the sales person can log into their content analytics and see who viewed the content they shared – and then using the PaperShare engage options (email, social connections, etc.) to act on the view and follow up. It also gives Marketing insight, by viewing their content analytics, into how well their sales channel is extending the reach of their content.

CMSWire: In June, PaperShare launched a new content Publishing Experience. How does the launch of Actionable Content Analytics Engine affect the Publish Experience (if at all)? What new insights can users expect to see?

Greschler: The new Publish experience and content analytics go hand-in-hand. Features in the Publish experience – including the ability to publish to websites, blogs, sales teams and social networks – are all tracked and reported on inside the actionable content analytics. For example, the new Publish lets you embed a call to action within the piece of content – and part of the analytics lets you see if a person has not only viewed content, but also clicked on the call to action.

CMSWire: As PaperShare evolves, improving both the content creation and publishing experiences, what's next? What will you be looking to improve upon next?

Greschler: PaperShare is a unique part of the customer acquisition process – but it's not an island. Expect to see use integrate on one end with a number of content marketing creation platforms, and on the other end CRM and marketing automation systems.

The Future of Content Marketing

Thanks to the digital media landscape, content, once published can go far. As a result, it's much harder to understand how it's received and shared. With advanced content analytics likes PaperShare's, content marketers can rely on much more than page views and social shares to give them a more holistic perspective about what's working, how it's being consumed and by whom.