For social media marketers looking to make the most of visuals, there is a new tool called PICT --  a shoppable photos application.

Shopping Through Photos

Brands have been exploring how to use photos to engage people across a variety of social platforms. While online shopping has been around for years, most of these sites have remained separate from social media. Most of the time, an e-Commerce or online shopping site would merely feature a few items on their social media page, but may not provide links or a way to see more information on a particular item, such as its price. With its private beta release, PICT aims to make the online shopping experience a more social endeavour.

PICT is a mobile and web application that companies can use to create  “content-rich, shoppable” photos. These photos can then be shared across social networks and are integrated with the company's e-Commerce platform so that a business can add product tags, which can connect visitors to the product page and they can use analytics to track how much ROI, engagement and revenue particular photos have.


In other words, the platform allows brands to turn social networks into giant showrooms,” says Michael Carney of PandoDaily.

Social media sites that can use PICT include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and sites that can connect to the service include Esty, Demandware and Shopify. The private beta release also included an update which allows shoppers to purchase directly from a PICT embedded in a Facebook news feed instead of redirecting to the website. The images can also be embedded or emailed.

In order to help with product development, PICT has also announced that they've raised US$ 1.4 million in funding from investors including Lowercase Capital, 500 Startups, Scott Belsky and Angelpad.

Photos: Front and Center

PICT isn't the only company to center an update or product release on photos and the potential they have as an engagement tool. More recently other photo-focused releases have not only include updates to Instagram and Pinterest, but ThinkLink’s interactive imaging technology for Facebook.

Overall though, PICT appears to have a refreshing outlook on how powerful the image can be by just focusing on the image and pertinent details instead of including other, unnecessary add-ons.

Pict is unique in that it just focuses on product details -- not adding maps and videos and tweets on top of a photo,” says Carney.

PICT is currently only available in a private beta format where users can request an invitation to use the product. Additional features are also expected to be announced in the coming months.