Pinterest Unveils New Pinning Feature; Mobile Update

Navigating social media sites can be quite a task, but Pinterest aims to improve how users use the content sharing website with a new feature that will prove useful to brands and companies: information pins.

More Information; A Better Pin

As a content sharing website, Pinterest has been traditionally been seen as place to view images of an idea or item. But if a user wanted to find out more about what was pinned they'd have to try and search it, so they might not always find what they're looking for.

Resulting from this, Pinterest, who redesigned its website in March, has partnered with popular websites, retailers and brands so that pins can show more information and better direct users to what they are looking for -- without having to leave the Pinterest website. These information pins provide key information, for example with an retail item, its price, availability and where to buy the product.

Currently there are three categories for these information pins: recipes, movies and retail, with other categories expected to be added in the coming months.

In order to see this additional information, visitors will see an icon below the pins that will direct them towards these details. This new feature doesn't just apply to new pins, but older pins will be updated as well. 

A Better Design for Both Advertisers and Pinterest

While this feature is new, as was mentioned, it is already being used by a variety of brands. These brands include Etsy, Nordstrom, Walmart, Sony, Country Living, Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping, Flixster and Netflix. In addition to the support of these brands, the functionality of the new feature shows that it can become a formidable tool for advertisers and marketers.

If these descriptive pins mean more time spent on the site it could also be an attractive feature to future advertisers looking to work with the popular and overwhelmingly visual network,” said Nora Grenfell of Mashable.

In being able to provide more information about a brand’s product or services, advertisers and marketers will be able to do more than just share a photo of a product, idea or service, but add details, which can promote a longer engagement time with that particular photo, entices a potential customer to visit a company’s website, purchase that item or inquire more details from a customer service department.

This not only expands a brand’s consumer reach across the content sharing network, but could eventually improve how Pinterest does business with its users.

If more and more companies and popular blogs integrate their photos of inventory with Pinterest under the new pin structure, it could make items more trackable on the site, which would be handy for consumers and crucial if Pinterest wants to eventually profit from the traffic it generates,” said Eliza Kern of Gigaom.

A Few Mobile Updates

Along with these detailed pins, Pinterest has also announced that its Pin It button will be now available on its mobile apps, so that users are able to pin content even if they are using a tablet or smartphone. A few weeks ago, Pinterest had also updated its mobile capabilities with iOS version 2.4 and Android version 1.5 that include notifications, a better search function and the ability to mention other pinners in comments.