According to a new report from Adobe there few areas where marketers should use a mix of online and offline marketing when trying to create a successful marketing and engagement strategy.

The report, “Click Here: The State of Online Advertising,” was commissioned by Adobe and conducted by Edelman Brand. 8,750 consumers and 1,750 marketers were surveyed from a variety of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia from October 2012 to April 2013.

Results were then presented in the report under three different subheadings: Marketers not Meeting the Needs of Customers, Customers Wanting a Mix of Privacy and Personalization and Opinion of Marketers and Marketing.

Digital Marketing not Meeting the Needs of Consumers

Marketing is becoming more digital with tools like social media, online video and email, but tradition doesn't have to be removed in favor of these newer tools, as older advertising formats can still make an impact with customers.

According to the report, before a company can build its customer base, it first has to build a level of credibility, which is best done through traditional media, as 28 percent of the total consumers surveyed look to print and television to see how credible a company is compared to three percent who use social media pages, eight percent who use blogs and 11 percent who use news websites.

Surprisingly, even with the onset of social media and digital marketing tools, most marketers and consumers still use and relate to more traditional methods. Forty-seven percent of consumers and 41 percent of marketers said they prefer TV and print advertisements, while 31 and 22 percent, respectively, talked with friends and family members to get an opinion on product or brand. Contrasting this, only 18 percent of consumers and 24 percent of marketers saw a company website as a good marketing tool and nine and 23 percent preferred social media pages.

Report Traditional Marketing and Advertising

As for specific ways to connect to customers, commercials during television shows seem to be the most popular, followed by Groupon/Coupon offers and a major sports events that air on TV, such has the Superbowl.

On a global scale, these results suggest traditional advertising formats shouldn't be removed from a marketing strategy just yet, as 32 percent of the total customers and 21 percent of the total marketers surveyed found online advertising ineffective.

Customers Want Customization and Privacy

Today’s customer is a multi-layered individual. They are able to connect with companies more easily through social means and because of this they are interested in a more personalized experience, but don’t want to have to give up any or too much personal information. As the report found out, 87 percent of customers said that companies know far more about customers than customers do about companies. Other reported problems relating to a person's personal information are that companies have access to too much technology that can track and analyze a customer’s behavior, companies collect way too much information and many customers find it unsettling when an ad is targeted at them based on their activity.

In regards to the type of information and the way it's collected, 62 percent of customers said they don't like when they have to enter a social security number, 74 percent don’t like information shared with unauthorized third-parties and 79 percent didn't like the idea of personal information being collected without their permission.

Therefore markers should be make sure customers are aware of what information they are using and why they need it in order to improve public opinion on the subject.

Marketers and Marketing

Marketing is a continuous machine, as companies and brands have to constantly be showing customers why they're a worthwhile investment. This overarching idea is reflected in the report, as consumers who liked a particular brand online did so do because of certain characteristics that the brand promoted and because it was a product they often bought.

For example, 39 percent purchased because of the brand's personality and style, 35 percent because of the brand’s promotional tactics and 40 percent liked a product that they purchased on a regular basis.

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Subsequently, social media engagement was also high among those consumers surveyed, as 54 percent said they often liked something that a brand has posted.

Final Thoughts

Despite all of the factors mentioned that play a part in how successful a marketing endeavor is, the report notes that one factor is considered more important than the rest: an advertisement must tell a story, while also promoting a product. If this theme is followed, coupled with improvements made in the other areas, marketers will be able to improve the consumer reach of a company, its product and the overall brand.