RIP Google Reader, You've Got Good Company

Google Reader is joining the choir invisible July 1, but as we all know, it has plenty of company in the graveyard of deceased Google products.

Google's Product Graveyard

Over the last 10 years, many Google hits total duds have been killed off or rolled into other products. Sometimes, however, those products do have a sizable or at least vocal fan base, and Google Reader falls into this category.

Mainly, people in the media and news industries use Google Reader, so naturally, they are going to complain about its demise. We don't know how many people outside of this vocal fan base really used it, but it doesn't matter now because it's going the way of Google Buzz, iGoogle and Google Wave.

Most of us never used those products either, but at least Reader was useful. There's plenty of competing products out there people have switched over to in preparation for Google Reader day zero. We went with Feedly, a company that opted to start up its own data center to help people migrate their Google Reader feeds.

Learning Opportunities

Now that Reader is no more, digital marketers over at WordStream put together a fun infographic of deceased Google products, most of which we don't even remember.

Google Talk, Picnik to Keep Reader Company

While the sun has set on many a Google product, some are still alive in at least some form. Google Talk was rolled into Google Hangouts, and Google Wave has been handed over to the Apache Foundation. We mentioned iGoogle, but it's not officially dead yet. The customizable homepage app will officially be killed off Nov 1, 2013.

Others that made the list were Knol, a sort of Wikipedia look alike, Picnik, a photo editing tool that actually wasn't too bad, and Aardvark, a social search app. There was Google Dictionary, Notebook, Answers, PageCreator and one called Google Lively, a 3D animated chat program.

With Google Reader now on the list, we can't help but consider what will be the next product Google kills off. Let us know in the comments if you've got a good candidate, and check out the infographic below to find out more about Reader's long gone Google brethren.