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Can sales professionals improve their performance with more data and more feedback on their own performance, integrated into their regular sales tools? Salesforce think so, and has released a new Performance Accelerator in its Sales Cloud for that purpose.

The Accelerator integrates new levels of customer and targeted lead data from Salesforce's, and coaching and feedback tools from its, into the company's Sales Cloud. The idea is that this will help sales teams "supercharge their performance" and close deals faster and more efficiently. utilizes B2B data on companies from Dun & Bradstreet and other sources, and is designed to improve employee performance through alignment with business goals, motivation and performance feedback.

Data + Resources + Coaching

The basic formula on which the Performance Accelerator concept is based is what the company describes as "clean data + the right resources and people + coaching, motivation, feedback." In other words, + Sales Cloud +

The specific problems that Salesforce says the new Accelerator can impact positively include sales pipelines without enough opportunities, sales cycles that are too long because reps cannot count on needed resources and people, and inconsistent win rates that could be the result of reps not having a great understanding of why they win or lose a deal.

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With these elements in place, the company said that organizations can increase sales revenue by as much as 28% compared to using Sales Cloud before the Accelerator.

Linda Crawford, EVP and GM of Salesforce Sales Cloud, said in a statement that, "with and seamlessly integrated with the Sales Cloud, sales reps will be armed with the very best tools wherever they are."

More Company Data

Mark Woollen, Vice President for Product Marketing of Sales Cloud, told CMSWire that, while and had been connected to Sales Cloud previously, the Accelerator provides a much deeper integration.

As an example, he pointed to the possibility that a sales rep might want to look at the larger global picture of a specific company and then delve into data at various levels or regions, which is now possible in much greater detail than before.

Woollen also pointed to a set of new capabilities that are now integrated into Sales Cloud from "The most successful sales organizations," he said, "are those who coach their representatives," and now these coaching capabilities are enhanced in Sales Cloud.