While you can have many identities across the personal web and the consumer cloud, for business it is logical to have one "enterprise-class" ID across all services. Salesforce is now offering just that to bring order and trust to online identification. 

Who Do You Trust And Who Trusts You?

Enterprise loves updates, collaboration, sharing and all the other trimmings of social media. But an enterprise-class identity is something that few can offer beyond the corporate firewall. Salesforce would love to be the company that handles such an identity for your company. 

Talking at Dreamforce, Marc Benioff, unveiled Salesforce Identity which, he believes, will deliver a single, social, trusted identity service across all enterprise apps, delivered with the simplicity, transparency and trust of the Salesforce Platform.

The product is scheduled for general availability in 2013, which gives other players like Okta (a market leader in Cloud Identity according to Forrester) time to set out their stall and grow market share. Offering single sign-on, centralized access and communications, Salesforce's Identity should grab the lapels of IT managers and admins. 

Identity and Security

You can sign up now to register interest in Identity over at the Salesforce site, but it looks like it will be sometime before we get all the details on the service. Users might want to know if the Identity program will offer features similar to those in LinkedIn, allowing for head-hunting and career comparisons, but it is more likely to steer away from something that would upset the HR department. 

With all the other news coming out of the Dreamforce event, this might not be the most high profile, but it could end up having a massive reach and influence. Certainly IT departments and users will currently be more interested in the new Chatter updates, and there are plenty of Salesforce and partner products on the way.