SalesFUSION, a provider of marketing automation technology, has raised US$ 1 million in Series A-1 venture capital from high-tech investment firm Hallett Capital. SalesFUSION appears to be distinguishing itself in the increasingly crowded marketing automation space by offering unusually tight integration with CRM.


The Atlanta-based, privately owned company was founded in 2007 and since that time has built up a client list of more than 350 B2B enterprises with more than 10,000 individual users, and claims a 99% annual client renewal rate. However, a lot of marketing automation providers can cite similar numbers. To discover why Hallett Capital felt comfortable with a seven-figure investment, it is helpful to look at SalesFUSION’s focus on making detailed customer relationship management data readily available to marketing and sales personnel.

To start, SalesFUSION’s marketing automation software platform is built on a CRM database. This enables users to directly integrate marketing and lead generation processes to their CRM system. In addition, SalesFUSION offers native integration with major third-party CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix, SugarCRM and NetSuite.

Specific modules of the company’s flagship SF360 marketing automation suite include email marketing, Web visitor tracking, lead capture, lead scoring, multichannel marketing, marketing analytics and SocialFUSION (includes social sharing/publishing/tracking and Facebook landing page creation). Sales reps are able to view CRM data alongside relevant analytics, lead scoring and social data directly within the CRM system, which SocialFUSION claims is a unique capability.

Connecting at the Right Time

According to an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, SalesFUSION technology “helps businesses boosts revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy.”

The article states that by using SalesFUSION, the sales team obtains “greater visibility about how a prospect might have interacted with the company's marketing effort, helping the sales team better tailor the sales pitch.” And the lead management functionality, tied in with CRM data, can help salespeople determine whether a particular prospect is “hot or cold.”

One to One Relationships at a Broadcast Scale

SalesFUSION appears to be positioned to help marketers reach the modern goal of marketing automation -- developing one to one relationships at a broadcast scale. As explained in a recent CMSWire guest column by Gavin Heaton, VP and Principal Analyst -- Digital Marketing Transformation with analyst/advisory firm Constellation Research, marketing automation began as a tool to “help eradicate repeatable tasks.”

However, as consumers have shifted their activities online and across various channels -- such as mobile and social -- marketing automation has evolved into a means of “drawing on structured corporate data from CRM systems and from electronic direct mail and mashing this information with other publicly available data… to deliver ‘right time’ messaging.”

Pretty much sounds like what SocialFUSION has to offer. Is it a million dollar idea? The market will let us know.

SalesFUSION expects to raise additional capital in late 2013 to fund international expansion and possible acquisitions, and says it will use the current Series A-1 round to grow its product portfolio and expand its sales and services capabilities. Hallett Capital managing director Jon Hallett will join SalesFUSION’s board as chairman.