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WebCMS and IT consulting firm, Systems Alliance aims to improve the content creation process and how companies engage with website visitors through its SiteExecutive 2013 release.

Improving the Look and Feel of Websites

With a redesigned, streamlined interface, SiteExecutive 2013 offers a reformatted desktop tab, which makes the platform easier to navigate and understand. The new view gives the ability to view folder details, apply filters and perform actions on multiples files at once time. Authors can find content more easily via enhanced search or site tree.

Structured Content, which was released as part of SiteExecutive 2012, has been revamped to allow authors to link related content available across the site. This supports the ability to personalize the experience more by offering contextually related information.

The release also includes performance updates for browsers, a post preview feature for blog posts and security updates such as an updated UI and new password policy.

SiteExecutive offers support for responsive design, HTML5 video streaming capabilities, digital marketing and apps, such as a profile directory and email list handler.

Personalized Web Experience are Critical

While SiteExecutive's updates are useful and appear to be a good investment for Systems Alliance, there are a variety of other Web CMS solutions available and many are working on providing the same personalized experiences.

Today’s content and marketing strategy is about creating resonant experiences with consumers,” wrote Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer. “The Web is now hyper-personal, and our audiences now EXPECT content to be personalized, relevant and optimized for how they want to consume it.”

Telerik's Sitefinity also recently introduced Structured Content along with a simplified digital asset manager. Personalizing web experience are hard if you don't have right tools, so it's key to look for a web content management system that offers the ability to provide related content easily. There are other approaches to relating content however -- structured content is only one of these.

When choosing a Web CMS, updates aren’t always the thing that should guarantee a sale, it’s the entire platform that should be the defining factor in that decision. Choose wisely.