Sitefinity 5.1 Includes Support for ASP.NET MVC & Razor

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Web CMS vendor Telerik is adding enhancements including support for ASP.NET MVC (model view controller) and the Razor rendering engine, as well as a redesigned email campaign management tool, to the new version 5.1 of the ASP.NET-based Sitefinity CMS.

Native Support for ASP.NET MVC

Sitefinity is touting native support for the ASP.NET MVC web application framework as an accommodation of “evolving trends” in Web development. This framework mandates the separation of the three building blocks of an application -- presentation (view), logic (controller) and data (model) -- allowing separation of concerns between application layers, which is designed to make it easier for developers to organize and manage their apps. ASP.NET MVC enables developers to completely control the markup of Web pages.

Sitefinity 5.1 also allows developers to switch freely between Web Forms and MVC. Each Sitefinity page and template has 3 modes: Web Forms, MVC and hybrid mode -- where MVC controllers and Web Forms controls can exist on the same page. These techniques can be mixed and matched within a single Sitefinity project, enabling existing projects to be gradually transitioned to MVC if desired.

Other enhancements to Sitefinity 5.1 include enhancements to the Sitefinity Thunder Visual Studio plug-in and a redesigned email campaign management tool that offers analytics for tracking campaign effectiveness. In addition, version 5.1 includes enhancements for building custom modules and searching for documents.

ASP.NET MVC -- The Pros and Cons

In an August 2011 posting on the specialty Microsoft developers’ blog Dr. Dobbs’ M-Dev, Dino Esposito weighed the pros and cons of using ASP.NET MVC as opposed to traditional ASP.NET. While he did warn that ASP.NET MVC has higher startup costs and can represent a “substantial turnaround” from ASP.Net Web Forms in some applications, Esposito came out clearly in favor of ASP.NET MVC for most development projects.

Learning Opportunities

He cited specific benefits including being up-to-date with business and technology changes that have occurred since ASP.NET’s release -- including testability, separation of concerns, ease of modification. In addition, Esposito said ASP.NET MVC provides total control over HTML and it offers cleaner interaction with inline JavaScript, and also produces cleaner and more testable code. Interestingly, he found “nearly no difference” in core function of the two frameworks.

Telerik Offers Developers Flexibility, Control

Telerik’s release of Sitefinity 5.1 closely follows the release of version 5.0 in March 2012. The major new feature in that release was mobile features that adapt web content for the variety of available screen sizes, a concept known as “responsive design.”

Clearly Telerik is attempting to place Sitefinity at the forefront of flexible, user-friendly Web CMS solutions, giving developers as much control and choice as possible.

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