Social media analytics platform, Socialbakers has announced it has bought Socialbrando, a Facebook marketing tool.

Over the past year, Socialbakers has been looking at social media and its place in marketing. Just last month Jan Rezab, the company’s CEO spoke with CMSWire about the transition from traditional to social marketing, while in June the company released a social engagement study, where it had determined that the more "socially devoted" a company is, the more influence it has over customer engagement. It has also been developing unique tools for social engagement, such as the CheerMeter, a Twitter news tracking tool designed for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Socialbakers Meets SocialBrando

With its acquisition of SocialBrando, Socialbakers will use this integration to improve social media platform's  marketing and analytics capabilities. The Socialbakers platform will now include an advertising and performance measurement tool, profile comparisons and benchmarking, so that marketers can better understand their audience and how social media campaigns are doing over an allotted period of time.

If marketers are more in tune with their audience desires and needs, they will be able to increase revenue through the creation of items that customers are looking for or improved existing products.

Measuring the true impact of social media advertising is still in early stages. Socialbakers, with its robust platform and its state of the art social media insights, will offer a unique product, which will not only measure the impact of social media ads, but also help find the right audience demographic,” says Rezab. “Marketers will, for example, be able to see which target audience is being reached by their competition.”

The Future of Social Media Marketing

Along with this collection of tools, Socialbrando has integrated more than just services with Socialbakers; the entire company is now part of Socialbakers and is now known as the analytics platform’s 10th international office. Stemming from this development, members from both companies will work together to develop the Socialbakers Ad Insights and Ad Analytics products.