Based in part on the release of its Enterprise 5 big data and analytics tool, Splunk reported a strong third quarter with revenues up nearly 70% over the previous year.

Unstructured Data Powers Simple, Fast Reports + Dashboards

So many devices are constantly spinning out data of all kinds, and most of it is unstructured. One way to learn how that data can help businesses is to use tools like Splunk -- and from the latest earnings report, it looks like enterprise companies are doing so in a hurry. 

Splunk reported it gained 350 new enterprise customers in the third quarter 2012, and saw a slew of current customers upgrade to the Enterprise 5 platform. The main industries showing interest in Splunk were in financial services, technology, telecommunications and government sectors. New customers included Getty Images, Daimler AG, Vodafone Australia and the U.S. Department of Education.

Splunk is now helping those organizations gain insights into the unstructured data from their networks, websites and mobile devices. Also released during the quarter was the Splunk App for PCI Compliance 2.0. This app helps generate data reports for the payment card industry -- a sure sign Splunk understands its customers and can deliver the tools they need.


Debug and troubleshoot applications during development and test cycles or integrate data from Splunk Enterprise into custom applications.

Partners + Awards

Splunk may refer to themselves as the Google of big data, and maybe their customers agree, but other industry mainstays seem to be recognizing the company's ability as well. IT consulting giant Wipro signed a partner agreement with Splunk during the quarter, and a company called Carahsoft will be selling Splunk technology to governement agencies and distributing to Splunk's reseller partners.

Furthermore, the company was named best IT Security Product of 2012 by Sweden's Protection and Safety Newspaper. This is the first year Splunk has been publicly traded, but it has been in business since 2003.