Tahzoo Scoops Up HintTech

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In a recent Forrester report, researchers named only 16 companies as specialty agencies which, “more often than not … determine the success or failure of digital experience delivery initiatives.”

Big news from two of those companies included on the list: Tahzoo, an end-to-end 21st century customer experience agency, has acquired HintTech to expand its global reach in the market.

“With a focus on customer experience management, you need global capacity, and you need to help people think about how they operate and execute on a global basis, because companies don’t focus on only one geography,” said Tahzoo CEO Brad Heidemann.

“Most players are geographically limited. They don’t have the breadth and reach necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.”

Third Generation of Digital Agencies

Heidemann said Tahzoo is starting on the third generation of digital agencies, what Forrester calls “digital experience delivery service providers.”

“The second generation of agencies led with creative capacity — ‘We’ll build you a beautiful website or an amazing campaign.’ That energy was focused on delivering content in channels, and designed to optimize the channel-based experience,” he explained.

“What we’re doing is much more focused on the audience – the individuals. I may interact with different channels, but I want a cohesive experience."

He added that customers are looking for a discrete experience delivered agnostically.

“It’s a paradigm shift: Let me help you understand what the customer is looking for, never mind that he visits you on different channels.”

An Anthropological Approach

With services around organizational readiness, change management and changing paradigms, Tahzoo focuses on more than just implementing new technologies to address customer experience challenges.

Learning Opportunities

“It’s not just another technology implementation,” he said. “It’s looking at your CMS, marketing automation and other systems, and figuring out how to stitch them together so you can better understand your audience.”

He added that with a “small army of data scientists” and a focus on the notion of tribes to define the value within a culture, Tahzoo’s anthropological approach helps clients get to the root of what their customers need most.

“When you think about building experiences and content, you need to understand the audience that allows you to grow with the values of the community,” he said.

“It’s about having a discrete understanding of an audience, not about saying you need more white papers.”

Reaching Global Capacity and Scale

Heidemann concluded that the HintTech acquisition will allow Tahzoo to build on the already successful initiatives they have put in place.

“If we want to affect these strategies, we need a lot of heavy technology and integration between larger systems,” he said. “HintTech has significant technical capacity, engineering rigor and engineering discipline to help us achieve this.”

Oh, and Heidemann has already set his sights higher.

We’re not done growing. I have big ambitions. This is the first in the series. We want expand to (Asia Pacific) APAC in 2016. Whether we do it organically or through acquisition, that remains to be seen, but we see a tremendous opportunity there.”