Whether it’s because Facebook’s popularity is ebbing, or because of the dwindling traffic to tabs since the new Timeline roll-out, or because it simply makes sense to have a custom application go wherever your fans and followers are, we’re very excited that ShortStack announced an external embed feature that allows users to embed their custom apps on websites outside of Facebook.

A Flexible Engagement

Businesses and individuals can now “ShortStack Anywhere” using the feature to increase Page likes and fan engagement. This gives users the ability to connect with fans and customers other places on the Web, allowing people to participate in apps, contests and data collection outside of Facebook. 

But it isn’t as if Facebook isn’t needed at all. With ShortStack’s external embed feature, users must first install the app on Facebook, and then they are able to install the same app, including all of its functions, on any Web URL such as their blog or company website, where they may have more traffic or engagement.

As a ShortStack user, I am very exciting for this embed functionality as gaining exposure for an app is part of the engagement process. Unless you are a large company with a strong Facebook community, chances are there are other venues where your customers are engaging with your brand, like a blog. Being able to share one app in many places saves time and money, while promoting engagement, is a win-win!