Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Customer Experience, Usability to Mobile

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Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Usability to Mobile
In July 2011, Tealeaf reported that after surveying more than 120 attendees of Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, 84% felt that putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place is just as or more important than customer experience for fixed websites. Eight months later, Tealeaf is capitalizing on this sentiment by introducing a new version of Tealeaf CX Mobile, a complete mobile customer experience management solution. 

Mobile Adoption, Expectations Demand CXM

As we all know, mobile adoption and expectations for mobile experiences have been increasing dramatically. Additionally, mobile devices are displacing desktops/laptops as the primary means to access the Web. In Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s State of the News Media 2012, we learned that 52% of Americans who own laptops also own a smartphone, and 23% of them own a tablet device. What does this mean? It means that it’s time to execute a mobile customer experience strategy.

Strategize, Implement

With Tealeaf CX Mobile, customers have access to advanced customer experience analysis across mobile channels, including mobile web sites, native iOS and Android apps, hybrid apps and the growing number of apps and sites built in HTML5. By seeing their sites and apps through the eyes of their customers, Tealeaf CX Mobile helps businesses understand, respond to and optimize the complete mobile customer experience.

Tealeaf CX Mobile provides documented evidence of customer struggles and the ability to quantify the business impact of customer challenges. Among the types of information captured include:

Learning Opportunities

  • In-screen actions, including orientation, pinching, and scrolling
  • Enhanced mobile browser replay to re-create problems and optimize functionality (below)

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  • Device-level data, such as device type, browser version or operating system
  • User behavior analysis (sequence of events, screen logs, server calls)

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Capturing these insights make it easier for companies to drill down to understand the context of every interaction, just as you would for a desktop experience. As mobile interfaces and experience become part of the normal customer experience, it isn’t that we need to ditch everything we did to optimize the web experience, it’s just that we need to apply them appropriate to mobile.