The social landscape is constantly shifting and growing. Making progress requires a more sophisticated, predictive system that stays current constantly. The Tellagence software that debuted here at Demo Conference seems to understand and meet those needs.

For a while now, the analysis of social media data in the enterprise world has rested on a slightly flawed foundation, just as the too-often adopted strategy of social media marketing has failed many companies. We have come to understand that targeted, personal engagements build stronger bonds than media blasts, and are more effective in the long run. This is paralleled by the basic method of Big Data: scour the web for interactions, gather and analyze them, then quantify them. In this strategy, big numbers mean big success. You strategize and proceed based on your analysis. Not only is this less than 100% accurate, it also fails in one big way that nobody seems to consider: the social landscape doesn't stay the same, it's always changing.

Here's a look at what Tellagence's solution can bring (or not bring) to the table to help understand all this social data.

The Pros

  • Tellagence takes a new approach to social media data analysis; an approach which is based equally in reactive and proactive movement. The system responds to shifts in your industry as they happen, giving you an up-to-the-moment perspective on your influence. 
  • In a very visual representation, you can chart the reach and influence of your content. You can see exactly who's talking about you and how often, and measure their level of advocacy. It's the ideal approach to targeting advocates and finding potentially fruitful relationships.
  • It studies social media the way it actually works; tracking the progress of your content along the chain, allowing you to examine and track each link quickly and easily.
  • It is predictive, looking into the future to make highly accurate predictions on the impact of content you plan to release, right down to how many people it will reach and how many of those will extend your reach. The practical, hard numbers they provide are exactly the type of data that businesses who are hesitant to invest in social media need to make that important leap.

The Cons

  • It's only on Twitter. That's the best place to start social outreach, especially for businesses, but a lot of companies could use this type of analytical grasp on Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Also, the integration of data across those sites, with enough sophistication to link the same individuals' accounts and in turn measure their web-wide advocacy, could be the ultimate tool.
  • Right now, they aren't providing any recommendations or actionable input. It's just not part of the current company, although they don't rule it out. The one-two punch of highly specific data combined with an intellectual marketing analysis would be ideal, although your internal marketing team will probably have the chops to make use of this regardless. 
  • It's expensive, and right now they're only catering to select companies. They are currently serving Fortune 500 clients who can afford the steep monthly fee, which is unfortunate, and a little ironic. The targeted, personal approach they encourage and aid with is most effective for smaller organizations struggling to gain a foothold. This service could be as useful for an ambitious individual or scrappy startup as it is for a massive corporation.

Tellagence has been in private beta for a while, working with a handful of companies. They launched wide at Demo and are only accepting a select few clients.