Thankful for Louis Prima Customer Honesty Personalization and More

Family and health. Are there any more reasons to be thankful this time of year?

Um, yes.

OK, the first two are the most important. But I gotta say, I'm starting to be more and more thankful for other things. The ability to switch from rapper Pitbull's Pandora station to trumpeter Louis Prima's in seconds. The new Taco Bell breakfast menu (no shame here; it's delicious). And the San Francisco Giants giving my beloved Red Sox good players.

Techies are feeling thankful this time of year, too. So are digital marketers, as you'll see in another story published here today. We caught up with some tech managers and CEOs about what's making them thankful this year:

I'm Thankful For.....

Intuitive Social Analytics

2014-27-November-Stephanie Newby.jpg

Stephanie Newby, CEO, Crimson Hexagon

As more consumers turn to social media to share opinions on everything from reality TV to the flu, brands have an incredible opportunity to get inside the heads of customers and optimize marketing initiatives accordingly. Combing through all of that social data to identify actionable insights is no simple task, however.

We’re thankful for intuitive social media analytics tools that allow brands to glean insights about how customers feel, what topics resonate with them and where interest segments overlap. These insights can then help brands optimize all aspects of the customer lifecycle and architect successful interactive marketing campaigns.

Awesome Technology

2014-27-November-Carla Johnson.jpg

Carla Johnson, president, Type A Communications:

I’m thankful for technology’s ability to take our attention off the repetitive functions and free up time to think more strategically about the experiences that we’re trying to create for audiences.


Personalization in Retargeting

2014-27-November-Simon Harvey 2.jpg

Simon Harvey, managing director, Demodia

The thing I'm thankful for is personalisation within re-targeting campaigns. To be more specific, I'm thankful for re-targeting done right!

I've had my fair share of companies marketing a product to me that I have already purchased, but I salute the marketers that are truly adapting to this revolution and using technology to deliver relevant and interesting media to me helping me get to the stuff I want, faster. After all, who really wants to be surfing the web on Thanksgiving when you could be out in the garden shed brewing the next batch of Christmas Ale. 

Social Media Prowess

2014-27-November-Tom Edwards 2.jpg

Tom Edwards, managing director, Bit. Quirky: 

I am thankful for HootSuite and its social media prowess. It has without a doubt allowed us to grow our social presence in 2014 and will continue to do so into 2015.


CMO Priorities

2014-27-November-Jim Dicso.jpg

Jim Dicso, president and chief revenue officer, SundaySky:

SundaySky is thankful that customer experience and personalization have become a top priority for CMOs. Consumers have high expectations from the brands they do business with. Not only do consumers seek positive shopping experiences, but they also want to be treated as individuals.

With personalization technology via engaging mediums, such as video, marketers are putting the customer experience first by implementing programs that ensure customers receive the right message, at the right time via the right medium.

Customers' Trust

2014-27-November-Lynn Tsoflia.jpg

Lynn Tsoflias, vice president of customer success, Insightly:

We’re grateful for the customers who have chosen to trust us with their most valuable asset -- their own customers. Our customers are the center of our business, and we understand that their own customers are at the center of theirs.

This is why we place such an emphasis on providing a tool that makes it easy to grow and maintain a happy and loyal customer base by increasing organization, productivity and overall business success.

Customers' Candor 

2014-27-November- Jon Hinz.jpg

Jonathan Hinz, US product marketing director, Trustpilot: 

Trustpilot is grateful for the consumers and businesses who are committed to sharing and receiving honest feedback. When customers are able to leave direct reviews of their experiences, brands have a tremendous opportunity to adapt services and policies to better serve customer needs.

By receiving and responding to their customers’ feedback, both positive and negative, online retailers can demonstrate their dedication to rallying around what customers love or resolving issues customers hate. It’s a win/win situation.

Title image by Tom Simpson (Flickr) via a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license.