New Professional Social Network Sets Its Sights on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn gives 347 million professionals a virtual venue where they can interact, share ideas and look for new opportunities. But a new social network called Conspire claims it has something even better: an analytics-based venue where professionals can connect more efficiently.

Conspire boasts that it uses analytics on your email addresses to tell you "exactly how to get the best introduction to whoever you want to meet — a customer, employer or investor.”

Connect the Dots

On LinkedIn, you have first-degree connections, those who are connected to you directly, as well as second-degree connections, people who are connected to your first-degree connections, and third-degree connections — people you indirectly know through your second-degree connections.

Conspire seeks to create a more direct path to reach those “third-degree” connections.

“We see a network as something that is constantly evolving and changing and we want to update that for you,” said Conspire founder and CEO Alex Devkar. Devkar also mentioned that it's not really about who you know, but how well you know them too. “We want to understand who knows each other but also how strong those connections are ... looking through email, we can see the length of an interaction and the frequency,” he continued.

Learning Opportunities

Since professional connections can be the bridge to your next job, business deal or critical industry information, these connections need to be as strong as possible, he added. Conspire's focus on analytics eliminates the need for you to send invitations — all you need to do is enter your email address, and it uses analytics tools to automatically build your network, based on who you know and the strength of your relationship with them.

Devkar said a mobile app is in the works, and that other forms of communication other than email will be supported in the future. “It will work the same way. Connect your email account (and other communication channels later), and Conspire is ready,” he said.

What do you think? Is there a need for a new professional social network — and is analytics the way to go?

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